Mecha Monday: Sai Mecha 2012 Colony Side, Round 2 Reactions

Holy shit, Ecole du Ciel is getting some recognition!

Laevatein: Hey everyone, welcome back to our Sai Mecha 2012 coverage! As usual, you can see the results of this round here, and you can see our Earth Side, Round 2 coverage here. Kaushik here is returning once again. So let’s start off with this particularly exciting round.

Turn A Gundam vs Black Getter (66.67% vs 33.33%)

Kaushik: So for this first round we have two heavyweights, the Turn A Gundam from Turn A Gundam, and Black Getter from Getter Robo Armageddon. The Turn A wins quite handily at 66 to Black Getter’s 33, and I suppose I shouldn’t be too surprised.

Laevatein: There goes Getter.

Kaushik: Yeah, Turn A was just more popular, I guess.

Laevatein: Well, I voted for Turn A, as usual, as I fucking love Turn A. Anyway, I guess it’s impossible to argue that the Turn A is hated nowadays.

Kaushik: Yeah it’s been doing pretty well. Sad to see Black Getter go but it lost to a pretty strong competitor.

Laevatein: Agreed, guess there goes the dark horse of the tournament. Anyway, next!

TIE: Gouf Custom vs GP-03 Dendrobium (50% vs 50%) Sudden death results below.

Forget what you watched in every mecha anime ever, this is how all battles are fought.

Kaushik: Another tie this week, between the Gouf Custom and the GP-03 Dendrobium. Two older machines, and… I’m not sure what to think of this matchup. I don’t have particularly strong feelings for either of the mechs.

Laevatein: Both are classics in their own way, though.

Kaushik: Yeah I suppose they’re classics. I’m not even sure I’m surprised they tied. I guess I thought the Dendrobium would have won since it’s a protagonist mech, but the Gouf Custom is more popular than I realized.

Laevatein: Well, 0083 gets a decent amount of hate.

Kaushik: I do like the Dendrobium’s design, though. Back in the days where, to fit a shit ton of weapons on, you’d have to put a lot of shit on your machine.

Laevatein: Dendrobium also happens to be one of the only “siege” mechs that a protagonist in a Gundam series gets. Well, the siege part is an extension. But uh, interesting way of resolving that tie, huh?

Kaushik: Yeah, it was certainly a unique way to go about it.

Laevatein: I probably would’ve gone with a Googlefight or something, haha.

Even Google wants the Dendrobium to lose. Can't argue with these results.

Kaushik: I probably would’ve been more concerned if it were a matchup I cared about, but it was alright to resolve this one this way.

Laevatein: Well, at least it was close right to the bitter end. Homura really stood her ground, hahaha. Anyway, next up!

Gunbuster vs Gao Gai Gar (58.59% vs 41.41%)

Kaushik: A battle of some titanic supers this time, Gunbuster vs. Gao Gai Gar. Gunbuster pulls this one, though it’s a pretty good fight, 58 to 41. Definitely a fan of the Gunbuster here.

Laevatein: Yeah, I voted for GaoGaiGar, but this was no surprise. Gunbuster was much more influential than GaoGaiGar, whereas GaoGaiGar was, unfortunately, just a really good classic. Still, I think this might be the saddest round for me.

Kaushik: I definitely love both of the machines here, but I don’t think Gao Gai Gar is any competition for the Gunbuster. The Gunbuster came first, and it’s not leaving anytime soon.

Laevatein: It might even wind up in GARhalla, if things turn out well for it. Anyway, time for the final match of this round!

Escaflowne vs Kshatriya (43.93% vs 56.07%)

Kaushik: The Escaflowne vs. the Kshatriya… the Kshatriya takes this in the closest match this round (other than the tie of course) 43 to 56. I’ve never really seen Escaflowne so I don’t know too much about it. Based on that flawed reasoning my vote goes for the Kshatriya, but to be honest I’m not a huge fan of the Kshatriya either.

Laevatein: Well, Escaflowne is unique for being one of the few magic mechs. But, well, I gave it to the Kshatriya. I don’t really know why. It’s pretty cool, what with all those funnels, I guess.

There aren't a whole lot of knightly mechs.

Kaushik: Funnels don’t really impress me anymore. No one will ever do them better than the Nu Gundam anyway.

Laevatein: There’s that, but funnels are still inherently interesting. Still, I don’t see this one lasting for too much longer. Anyway, time for the bonus round!

 K-ON: K-00n Gitah Memories (25.51%) Kimi ni Todoke: Kisama ni Todoke (6.12%) vsPrince of Tennis: Aim for the Ball! PuriTeni! (25.51%) vs Hidamari Sketch: Super Dimensional Fortress Hidamarisou (17.35%) vs Maria-sama ga Miteru: Mecha-sama Watches Over Us (25.51%)

Kaushik: Well here we have a battle between which series would benefit the most from mecha elements, and we have a 3 way tie. The winners are K-ON: K-00n Gitah Memories, Prince of Tennis: Aim for the Ball! PuriTeni!, and Maria-sama ga Miteru: Mecha-sama Watches Over Us. I don’t think any of these could really benefit from mecha elements, but I thought Kimi ni Todoke: Kisama ni Todoke was the funniest, just because how opposed the idea of Kimi ni Todoke and mecha are. It seems to have gotten the least amount of votes though… I don’t think many mecha fans care for Kimi ni Todoke, too bad.

Laevatein: Well, I thought Prince of Tennis was a natural fit, what with that dinosaur-ending special in the movie.

Kaushik: Yeah, there is that.

Laevatein: Can’t get any more mecha than extinction, I suppose.

"Behold! My ultimate technique! From the baseline, to the single lines, and even to the prehistoric Sun! Tezuuuuka Zooooooone!"

Laevatein: Anyway, that’s it for this round. Be sure to vote in MidGAR!

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