Panty and Stocking DVD Giveaway

The people over at Anime News Network have teamed up with FUNimation to give people a chance at winning a free Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt DVD before it hits store shelves July 10th. Four (4) lucky winners will receive a copy of the DVD set, while one lucky grand prize winner will receive the DVD, as well as a poster signed by the Japanese cast. I gotta say, that poster is really enticing. 

The contest is open to all, but will only be shipped to those residing in the US or Canada. Entries will be accepted until Saturday night, June 30 at 11:59PM EST, with winners announced on Sunday, July 1. Even if you don’t win, you should still pre-order it at Amazon or Rightstuf, where you’ll receive a nice little Heaven Coin trinket (while supplies last).

I was a bit worried how the English dub would turn out, but FUNi pulled out the stops with a cast consisting of Christopher Sabat (Vegeta!) as Garterbelt, Jamie Marchi as Panty, Monica Rial as Stocking, Cherami Leigh as Kneesocks, Colleen Clinkenbeard as Scanty, and Joel McDonald (Minato, the protagonist of Sekirei) as Brief.

In other news, I just got my Alter Panty figure in the mail, and it’s awesome. Can’t wait for Stocking this September. Oh, Kneesocks is also coming out in July. No word on Scanty yet. Good Smile Company has also said they would be doing figures of Panty and Stocking. No new word on those still.









Anyways, go enter yourself in that giveaway!

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  1. And the wait for the 2nd season continues. Man, I enjoyed this Adult Swim-esque show more than most actual Adult Swim shows combined, except a select few. I must know whether Scanty and Kneesocks will truly turn face and admit their sexual attraction towards each other, or stand back and watch a nerd and gay priest reunite a sliced up dirty angel with a heel dirty angel. Two years have passed since we were graced with this monstrosity of epic proportions. I've been waiting the same amount of time for the TRUE 2nd season of Saki so I suppose I can wait a little longer.

    • Haha yup, Gainax sure knows how to keep people waiting. And I too am waiting for the TRUE Saki sequel. Nodocchi!

      • I'm not saying Side A is bad, but you'll find out what I mean this Sunday.
        Back to Panty and Stocking, I am curious as to which English Voice Actors they'll get for Garterbelt and the Demon Sisters, especially Kneesocks. My money's on Sam Jackson for Garterbelt.

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