Team Fortress 2: Pyromania

Yesterday, Valve introduced the Pyromania update, which will culminate this Wednesday with the final “Meet the Team” short, the Pyro (hence why the update is called Pyromania). Valve released a new mode called “Doomsday” yesterday (which my friend Reiko was uber excited about), complete with new achievements. Today, Valve released “City on Fire,” which introduced all new weapons for the Scout, Sniper, Soldier, and Pyro (of course). I can’t wait to finally see “Meet the Pyro” tomorrow.

This begs the question to what this Adult Swim-Valve crossover announced last week will be. Many thought that it would be “Meet the Pyro,” but that’s obviously not it. Could it be a webseries? That would be hilarious. Like most people, however, I have a feeling it’ll be Adult Swim themed hats. Because everyone loves hats, right?

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