Final Fantasy 5 Four Job Fiesta 2012 Fridays Episode 1

Final Fantasy V is a pretty awesome game, simply because there’s an amazing amount of variety. Not only do you get access to a host of jobs, but you can also combine the abilities of other jobs you’ve trained in, and even mastered. Final Fantasy V is very popular for this sort of reason.  No two FFV playthroughs are the same, after all. Not only that, but the number of challenges available is simply staggering.

One of the more popular challenges, if not the most popular, is the Four Job Fiesta. The Four Job Fiesta is an annual challenge where players are given four random classes, one for each crystal, and are forced to complete the game with those four jobs alone.  You can make the challenge even harder too, like hard mode, where the jobs can be from any crystal you got so far, and not just from the newest selection, or a berserker-only mode.  It’s quite popular too, as the Four Job Fiesta is also a pretty decent charity, as well.

(Spoilers, by the way!)

Thinking that this challenge sounded cool, I decided to give it a shot.  And it’s been a blast so far.  It’s not easy though.  This challenge forced me to grind for a bit, something I haven’t had to do in ages.  Of course, that’s just my luck.  I got the thief job, which only offers utility. They get commands like steal and flee, flee making it extremely easy to snag the treasure in Walse Castle’s basement, but none of the thief commands really helped when it came to bosses, save for one particular case later.

Not only that, but up until a certain town, there are only two thief weapons, which means two of my thieves were forced into the back row on stealing and potion duty. The first boss after becoming a thief wasn’t too bad, and neither was the second. However, I found beating the second boss hilarious. At certain points in the fight, she turns undead. I had a lot of potions. Cue potion bombing. Sadly enough, the potions did more damage than I ever could.

The next town actually sold daggers, so I could finally equip my other two characters. Going to the next dungeon was simple, since I would just cut up any enemy I ran across, and just use some potions when I get low. However, the boss here gave me a run for my money. While it started out fine, the boss soon summoned another enemy, one who was a tad annoying to deal with…

His normal attacks do almost twice as much as I can heal! A sign of hard times ahead...

Anyway, so I guess that’s taken care of. With that boss taken care of, I now had access to another means of transportation after my boat got smashed: a dragon!  Too bad the dragon can’t fly over mountains, so I was kind of stuck.  But whatever, I went back to Tycoon Castle, got some treasure, then made my way back to Walse Castle.  I went to the basement, fled from a monster that would’ve eviscerated me (I think it does something like 450 damage a pop), and got some neat treasure.  Anyway, after this, I met with the king and got permission to go to Walse Tower.  Onward to the next set of crystals!

The trek through the tower went well.  Regular enemies could reasonably damage me, but fortunately, there was a save point halfway up the tower.  Now I had to fight his boss who would… counter me whenever I did physical damage to it.  This was really annoying, and I soon died.  Well, I soon put my thief abilities to the test again, and, uh, “acquired” new weapons for the boss.

Now I just had to do this three more times...

So with a reasonable attack boost, I tried again.

Ow ow ow.

Okay, that didn’t go well, once again.  This guy still floors me, as my defenses are quite lacking, and I can’t get around his counters.  With only a weak heal available (potions), the only way I could beat him was by reducing his damage output to the point where I can manage with potions.  After going back to town to pick up a ton of more potions, I gave it another shot, but this time, my party went into the back row.  The end result?

Back Row - 1, Garula - 0

And with that, I got my second set of jobs from the water crystal.  Asking the bot to roll me a new job, I now get access to…

Red Mages!  And that’s about it for now.  I’ll cover the trek to the fire crystal next week.  See you then!

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A mad scientist who's so cool!


A mad scientist who's so cool!

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