Announcement: Marvel Relaunch Coming this Fall!

One of the best parts of life is basking in sweet, sweet irony. Last Fall, when DC relaunched all of its titles with their New 52 initiative, some comic fans denounced this choice as foolhardy. Some, especially the hardcore Marvel-fanboys, clung to their sacred rock, swearing that Marvel would never do something so bold and betray they fans in such a way. Well ladies and gents, the times have changed.

Today, Marvel announced that this fall there will be a relaunch of their universe. Aside from the new series that will inevitably follow (such as Uncanny Avengers and the creatively titled All New X-Men) there will be some revamps of well-known series like Avengers (no doubt following on the heels of the movie’s amazing success). Of course, Joe Quesada assures us not everything will change and things will be fine, I can’t really put much faith in the writer of “One More Day,” the storyline that actually got me to stop buying comics for 6 years.

Ultimately, I’m going to wait and see what happens before passing judgment. The new series could be great, terrible, or, most likely, a mix. Jean Grey is coming back…and we can all guess what kind of madness that entails. Regardless, this is definitely a bold move by Marvel. What do you think of the relaunch? Is it a good idea? What other series do you predict will come? What kind of changes do you think will occur?

If you want more details, Comic Vine has a great write up here.

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