Final Fantasy 5 Four Job Fiesta 2012 Fridays Episode 2

Previously on Final Fantasy 5 Four Job Fiesta 2012 Fridays, I defeated Garula and got the water crystal jobs.  As luck (read: a random number generator) would have it, I got access to the Red Mage job.  Now, the red mages are unique in that they’re mainly utility, though their offensive and defensive options are still much better than the thief’s.  Red mages in FF5 can use low level black and white magics, as well as other types, such as time magic.  I’m not sure if they can use low level summons as well, but even if they could, I probably wouldn’t bother.

Unfortunately, as a result of being a low-level hybrid, red mages can’t use high level spells.  This means that come endgame, their spells don’t have much of a punch anymore.  Fortunately, certain other aspects were created to offset this scaling problem.  The first one is that red mages gain access to nearly every status spell under the sun.  Granted, it’s harder to hit enemies with status effects in a Final Fantasy game than in, say, Baldur’s Gate.  Despite that, there are bosses out there that have one or two status vulnerabilities; vulnerabilities that can usually tip the scales in your favor considerably. 

Weapon flexibility is another aspect that empowers Red Mages.  Unlike your black, white, and time mages, red mages can use a good number of weapons, weapons that even mainline fighters use.  Red mages can even use staves and rods, as well.  As a result, Red Mages can do things like… heal people with the heal staff, or break rods.  Breaking a rod, as you may know, will unleash a powerful spell, but as the technique implies, your rod will shatter.  At this point of the game, the spells rods unleash are seriously broken.  I can’t quite recall if they’re still viable later, but they should make life much easier now.

Buy ALL the rods!

Well, anyway, enough about the Red Mage.  After completing Walse Tower, I headed into the second meteor, teleporting to the second continent.  Here I discovered new enemies, though none that gave me much trouble.  After all, when you have four physical attackers in your party, you can finish encounters quite rapidly.  Arriving at Karnak, I took care of any miscellaneous needs before I went to the weapon and armor shop.   There, I got arrested and sent to jail, where I witnessed a bunch of scenes.  After I got let out, I left Karnak.  Now, outside Karnak is a pretty effective GP farming spot, so I do a bunch of that to buy a bunch of rods.  And get new equipment, of course.

The trek through the fire ship was actually pretty simple.  I had trouble with it my previous two playthroughs (the first one ended in failure here though).  However, this time through, I breezed through pretty much everything.  I didn’t even have to break any rods, though I did have to use several potions.  I did have a good number of potions though, so that wasn’t a problem.  Going through the fire ship without much trouble was pretty strange, actually.

It's a trap! Oh well, this encounter was piss easy, as well.

Stranger still was the boss.  He singlehandedly prevented me from progressing through the game the first time I tried.  When I tried again later, I managed to beat him, but boy, he wasn’t easy.  Even his weakest attacks hit pretty damned hard, and his strongest attacks are fully capable of wiping a party.  Plus, I believe this is the first boss that has multiple forms, each with pretty unique properties and attacks.

And this is his weakest attack!

However, those rods made very short work of this boss.  The first rod I broke took out about two-thirds of his health, and forced him to switch to his second form.   Off to a pretty great start, at this point.

Breakin' rods erryday.

I tried to break another rod, but I forgot that it wouldn’t affect his second form.  Pretty soon, he switched to his third form.  I wasn’t sure if he was immune to the rod’s effects in this form, as well, so I tried to wait for him to switch back to his first form.  However, I was getting hammered, so I decided to break yet another rod.  Fortunately for me, I succeeded, and the boss was no more.

Wrecking a boss that gave you so much trouble in the past feels strangely satisfying.

However, as fate (read: the game’s story) would have it, I can’t get my fire crystal jobs yet.  I had to escape from Karnak Castle, before it blew sky high.  It only takes about a minute or two to get out, and they give you ten minutes.  More than enough time, right?  Sure, if you were planning on ignoring every piece of treasure along the way.  Anyway, last time I played, I wasn’t able to quite grab everything.  Having a thief in my party made this possible, as I could flee from every encounter except the forced ones.  And even then, spamming attack made short work of encounters.

I managed to grab everything with more than a minute to spare.  Right as I was leaving the map, I was taken by surprise; I was waylaid right at the gates.  I thought this would be a normal encounter, so I didn’t take it all that seriously.  Imagine my surprise when one of the enemies transformed into a rather tough Iron Claw.  Spamming regular attacks on this guy didn’t work out as planned, either.  With fifteen seconds left on the clock, I broke another rod, killed the Iron Claw, and escaped with two seconds to spare.  I like to think my guys pretty much did a “cool guys don’t look at explosions” right there, but it’s hard to tell with these sprites.

Fire crystal jobs GET!

With the castle all exploded, I got only some of the fire crystal shards.  While plot would dictate I would the remaining two fire crystal jobs a little later, it was now time to roll for a new job.  And lo and behold, I got the powerhouse ninja job!  And with that, I leave the search for the earth crystal for next week.

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