Mecha Monday Special: Armored Batman and Batbots

Judge here to continue his “Batman Extravaganza.”  My apologies for the lack of posts the past two weeks. It’s time to get back into business. I’ll admit, this post will be kind of random with no real analysis. Just showing some cool shit.

Batman, if you haven’t been able to tell with this whole special series I’m doing, is my favorite DC superhero. He’s kind of like the Iron Man of the DC universe. However, their are two glaring differences. The first difference between Tony Stark and Bruce Waynes is their personalities. The second is that Tony walks around in super tech armor, while Bruce just has a normal suit. I’ve always contended that if Bruce were to walk around in high tech armor, it would make him less interesting (not saying Iron Man is not interesting). Yet there are a few cases where breaking out some sick armor is oh so right.

Take issues #8 (April 2012) and #9 (May 2012) of Batman Vol. 2. Both were part of the special “Night of the Owls” arc. Here we see Bruce don a Hulk Buster like armor to battle the amped up Talons. And boy were those panels interesting to read. 

There are just some cases where you have to bring out the heavy metal.  This is also apparent in one episode of Batman: The Brave and the Bold. In “Plague of the Prototypes,” Batman uses six advanced Batbots to help him fight crime. Black Mask takes control of them, and despite Batman trying to stop him with the robot form of the Batmobile (which appears several times throughout the series), he loses. So who does he turn to? Proto-Bot, the prototype of the Batbots, voiced by Adam West himself!  I recently finished watching Brave and the Bold, and I found this episode most memorable because of Adam West’s involvement. I mean, it’s Adam Fucking West. You know when he’s present, shit just got real.

Regular Proto

“War on Evil” Proto

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