Food for Thought: Moar Ponies, Korra, and the Latest Gadgets to Waste Your Money On

There comes that one time during the summer when suddenly, I hate living on the East Coast. And for maybe a few days I scorn my New Yorker and Jerseyite roots and long to be in Cali, or at least, somewhere that’s significantly closer to San Diego Comic Con than where I am now.

Seemingly the most important pantheon of geekdom in the US, San Diego Comic Con only comes once-a-year, and it brings to us much anticipated news and previews for all the cool stuff lined up for movies, television, etc. that all pertains to the nerdiest of us all. Much like how E3 is a boon for the video game industry, everyone is keeping a sharp eye on the entertainment news that is shared to those lucky few who have the honored privilege of standing in mile-long lines and getting cool swag like signed posters.

So yeah, I’m jelly, but fear not because of this magical thing known as the Internet, we have access to some of this year’s Comic Con’s highlights!

Note: This article is, as of right now, a little biased towards my personal interests; hopefully as the con wraps up I’ll have more varied information and news ; n ;

So uh, where to start?

Well, all you My Little Pony fans out there should be excited because of the hub-ub about the new, upcoming third season for Friendship is Magic!

The Hub released a few sneak-peek clips that are pretty to look at and are firm reminders that, yes, there will be more musical numbers this time around, which can be seen here and here.

In addition to these new clips there is more news on the horizon that has been confirmed by Equestria Daily:

  • A duet between Rarity and fan-named side-pony, Octavia
  • Fluttershy will be turned into a dragon at some point? (Oh no D:)
  • And another fan-favorite unicorn, Trixie, will be making a come-back!

So does this hint that, maybe, Hasbro is taking cues from its large fandom? Possibly! More important for its “older” following is the announcement that they will also be releasing a line of comics this fall. According to a press release issued by Hasbro and its partner, IDW Publishing,  “fans of the animated series will be excited to hear that the comics will stay true to its moral foundation, while providing themes and subject matter that older audiences can also appreciate.”

If you’re a Pony fan, keep on the lookout for these comics set to hit stores in November.

And last but not least, if you’re one of the many who aren’t at SDCC fear not because the Hub has released a sort-of-exclusive video game that is sure to take up some minutes of gameplay. Adventure Ponies  is an 8-bit jump-challenge and fighting game rolled into one. You start off as Twilight Sparkle and as you complete the game you can unlock the other Mane 6 to play as. It’s fun, especially for a jump-challenge game, but it’s not as frustrating as say, Maple Story’s impossible jump levels and once you unlock characters such as Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy, going through the “challenges” are a breeze.

Arguably Fluttershy is the best pony, not gonna lie

I will say, though, that Fluttershy is perhaps the most powerful of the Mane 6; hilariously so considering her character. But it’s oh-so-satisfying taking down boss fights with her.

Annnd since it was (supposed to be) a SDCC exclusive, there is a promo code you’ll need to enter: HUBMLP8BIT will get you going!

Now… On the Legend of Korra front, which can either make you squee in glee or groan in protest (I’m the latter 😐 More on that in another post), creators Mike and Bryan had much to say about the future of their sequel to the award-winning Avatar: The Last Airbender. Instead of just one more season of The Legend of Korra, fans will be happy to know that there will be three up-coming books; so yeah, that means more Korra in the near future.

And much like the first season, Book 1: Air, the next three will be short runs with an average of thirteen to twelve episodes each. No word on if they’ll be wrapped up as “nicely” as the first book was, but those of you who love the Korra Krew will be happy to know that their adventures aren’t over and done with.

Their upcoming book, ominously titled “Spirits”, involves a time-jump and a scene-change. Much of the action, it seems, will take place in the Northern and Southern poles, home of Avatar Korra and the people of the Water Tribe. There seems to be some spiritual tom-foolery going down, and it involves a growing cast of characters ranging from Korra’s uncle, her cousins, and the rest of Tenzin’s family including his older sister and brother, Kya and Bumi.

I am pretty pleased with the character models that were released, especially Korra and Asami’s new look and the adults are all balanced. In addition there appears to be a spirit-monster of some sort, nowhere near as terrifying as Avatar: The Last Airbender’s famous centipede beast, Koh, but it’s definitely a nicely balanced, steam-lined monster that will (probably) give the Krew some trouble. The Avatar art-staff is simply improving with each season and know how to give depth and life to their character designs; let’s hope the writing can follow suit :3

And now onto the endless flow of pretty character designs:

Because you’ll be seeing a lot of blue in the next few pictures, let’s start off with Tenzin and his new double-cloak

Tenzin’s brother, Bumi, is making a return; now with pink earmuffs

And now lots of blue tones, starting with Korra’s father, Tonraq

And Korra’s mother, Senna; we can conclude that Korra has attractive parents

This is Tenzin and Bumi’s sister, Kya

One of Korra’s cousins; apparently they will play a role in this upcoming season

Yep, that art team is truly improving

Korra’s uncle, who appears to be a well-to-do type; he also seems to have big things in store for this season

And a new male character on the horizon! Another seemingly well-to-do type; of all the designs I think you can appreciate the 1920s Shanghai feel he has

A well-balanced spirit design — I predict we’ll be seeing more of these monsters

Korra’s new outfit for the upcoming season

Mako’s new outfit and his trademark scarf

Bolin’s new outfit, love the fur edging; I assume the entire Krew is traveling together to the colder arctic since everyone suddenly has long-sleeves

Rounding out the Krew is Asami who is rocking the pilot look; I guess after losing her car to an explosion, she’ll now have a plane upgrade

Also, they’ve shared an animatic of presumably the first episode where they’ve blocked in some action and some (flat) dialogue:

Looks like Korra hasn’t learned much from last season’s spiritual debacle as she abuses the Avatar state to win a race but, I digress, and before I start to rant let’s just say that at the very least, be prepared for more nicely done animation that is a pleasure to see on American television.

Finally, finally, here is just a picture of some swag that I wish I could have for my own, but alas, time and distance separates me from this lovely signed poster of not only the Korra Krew, but the original Avatar cast, all grown up and everything:

:< *SIGH*

Of course, lovingly-signed posters aren’t the only thing we’re missing out from the Comic Con. All you Whovians, don’t blink, but a SDCC exclusive is the accurate replica, universal Sonic Screw Driver that can apparently be used to turn just about anything and everything on. Like an actual Sonic Screwdriver. To be quite honest, I’m not sure how this works, but according to this article from Big Picture Sound:

You get started in practice mode to learn the basics of the command gestures, which are more or less logic based. For example, when pointed at iTunes in play mode, a flick of the remote to the right will skip the music track forward, while twisting the remote to the right or left will increase or decrease playback volume. When the basic gestures have been mastered, the user can then train the remote to work with their existing home theater setup. The remote can store up to 39 commands, providing control for a number and range of media devices. — Lora Grady, Comic-Con: Sonic Screwdriver Universal Remote Control

This baby is, for the moment, a SDCC exclusive, but will be available for only sixty days at the ThinkGeek and BBC America online stores. It will also set you back about 99.95, but really, it’s a steal considering the value it has for Whovians.

Meanwhile, you (And me) can stare in envy at this beauty and wish we had it for our own.

Annnd that’s my news so far on SDCC (I told you guys upfront I’m terribly biased), hopefully in the next few days my fellow MoarPowah writers, or myself, will have info on other facets of geekdom such as: The next Game of Thrones Season (NONONONONONOROBB*SOB* Oh wait is that a spoiler), some Hobbit news, and so much more!

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A would-be anthropologist, writer, food historian, and professional glutton hoping to combine fandom with her love of food. Ever wondered what a nug tasted like? Is butterbeer alcoholic? If you've asked such questions and are already drooling at the thought of a big old plate of lembas bread, then you're in the right place

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