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Silverwolf: Hello everyone! Silverwolf here with recently promoted editor Laevatein to talk about the TV series Young Justice. Both of us agree that it’s a great show, but we’ve got some differing opinions on the cast. So, today, we’re going to debate “Who is the best character in Young Justice?” I’m going with Superboy.

Laevatein: I’m a Nightwing guy myself.

Silverwolf: All right Laevatein, why do you think Nightwing is the best member of the team?

Laevatein: Gee, it’s kind of hard. Well, it seems as if he’s probably the most competent member, not to rip on the other guys though. He seems like a really good leader, but it’s interesting how he struggled with Batman’s influence on him. Not only that, but he really developed quite a bit between seasons.

Silverwolf: That is true. My counterpoint is that Superboy has a great deal of depth. He’s technically the youngest member of the team and, given that he’s a clone and neither a human nor kryptonian, is the one with the most difficulty fitting in on Earth. Couple that with the fact that he’s still trying to get closer to Superman and had issues with Miss Martian modifying his mind in order to perfect their past relationship, and you’ve got a truly multi-faceted individual. Oh, and his powers are awesome too.

Laevatein: Yeah, I can’t argue with that. However, I think Superboy is a little bit too comical for me. Not intentionally, of course. I remember how earlier on I always noted incidents when he wasn’t yelling, screaming, or something of the sort. I almost completely stopped doing that, so he’s grown on me, but I still have a few small problems with his characterization.

Silverwolf: What problems do you have with him?

Laevatein: Well, I think they tried to do quite a lot with him. Maybe a bit too much.

Silverwolf: What do you mean by too much? As in he appears too often?

Laevatein: No, I think they try to introduce a lot of different conflicts with him, which gives me the impression they’re trying to develop him too rapidly. For instance, off the top of my head, he has or had “daddy isues”, drug problems, felt alienation, and relationship issues.

Silverwolf: I don’t think that’s a bad thing though, I think it just helps to make his character multifaceted. In fact, the same could be said for many other characters: Miss Martian has shown signs of body image issues, problems accepting the truth, intense fear of loss and failure, etc. Artemis had to deal with issues of mistrust, doubt in her own abilities, family problems…. Honestly, many of the characters introduced in Season 1 have seen their share of varied problems. To be honest, I’d say Nightwing is about the only one who avoided any of that, maybe Aqualad too but less so come second season.

Laevatein: Yeah, you’re absolutely right. But it feels different with Superboy, for some reason. Maybe it has something to do with his age, maybe it has something to do with how unrelated some of his issues seem, or maybe it has something to do with Nolan North. Probably not the last one, Nolan North is pretty awesome. But I’d argue that the other teammate’s problems are more directly related.

Silverwolf: OK, that’s a valid point, Miss Martian’s are inter-related, but I think most of Superboy’s stem from insecurity of some sort, so they’re tangentially related, at least. I have to say, though, that Nightwing isn’t exactly the perfect character in my eyes. I feel like he lacks depth, and often just comes off as “the perfect leader.” He doesn’t really exhibit much else, in my eyes.

Laevatein: I dunno, I think Nightwing is a lot more subtle than the other characters. By the end of the latest episode, we’ve already seen how he can be sort of a pragmatic dick. It feels like he’s slowly becoming more like Batman, and I think they’re definitely going to explore that. Though that definitely seems a but too cookie cutter for Nightwing, as he usually winds up going through the same problems, doesn’t he? I’m sorry, I’m not too familiar with the comics.

"I learn everything from Batman...except how to smile, of course."

Silverwolf: I’ll be honest, I’m not that familiar with comic book Nightwing either, except for the fact I know he went from super rebellious to working with Batman on a regular basis, but I digress. I think there’s a lot they COULD do with Nightwing, I’m just saying that so far he hasn’t done enough to justify much love from a fan like me. Is he cool? Yes. But sadly that’s where his character stops for me. I think Weisman will do something more with him, but that still remains to be seen.

Laevatein: Mm, maybe I like him the most because he’s the only character who hasn’t played his character development hand yet. I’ve seen every other character’s motives and conflicts, but Nightwing is the only mysterious character left. That mystery probably makes me quite fond of him. I think Superboy is probably my second favorite on the show though, which is making this pretty hard for me, haha.

Silverwolf: Oh, that’s funny haha. Well, ultimately I don’t dislike Nightwing, I just find Superboy cooler. I think the general consensus then is that this show has great characterization in general.

Laevatein: Agreed. Who would you say is your favorite of the new Team?

Silverwolf: That’s somewhat hard, but I’m going to go with Lagoon Boy. How about you?

Laevatein: Blue Beetle myself. I don’t think I’ve seen enough of the new Team to be certain though.

Silverwolf: Yeah, I think Wondergirl and Blue Beetle have a lot of potential, but we haven’t seen enough of either in my opinion.

Pictured: Someone who deserves more screen time

Laevatein: You know, I don’t see much in Wondergirl. Batgirl too, for that matter. Of the new Team, they seem the most shoehorned.

Silverwolf: Well, in the comics Wondergirl is pretty cool, Batgirl too, so there’s potential for both of them. I honestly feel like the female characters in the first season are still the big stars, even while the new male characters get a decent amount of screen time.

Laevatein: Is that so? Well, I’ll be looking forward to them, I suppose. I really can’t wait for the show to return.

Silverwolf: Same, I’m excited for the new episodes starting in the Fall.

Laevatein: Well, when the show does finally come back, we can probably settle this argument once and for all!

Silverwolf: Sure, maybe we’ll revisit this come Fall! Thanks for the great chat, Laevatein!

Laevatein: You too, Silverwolf!

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