Final Fantasy 5 Four Job Fiesta 2012 Fridays Episode 6

Previously on Final Fantasy 5 Four Job Fiesta 2012 Fridays, I beat up a bunch of bosses, transported to another world, got abducted (bullshit!), broke out of a castle, beat up some dudes on a big bridge, and got stranded on some unknown continent.  Last week was probably the most exciting episode yet, what with meeting Gilgamesh, who is a true badass, and one of the most memorable things about this game, and other stuff.  Anyway, this week’s episode (for the record, I’m retroactively relabeling these posts to be “episodes”) will be a tad shorter than usual, since I’ve been rather busy, and haven’t found time to sneak in enough play.  I’ll try to make it up to ya sometime.  Anyway, enough of a preface, let’s throw some more money at the game and hope I kill some things!

So, stranded on another continent as I am, I’m in quite a bit of danger.  I have no clue how strong some of the random encounters are, and I have no place to rest (at least, not yet).  However, if that’s ever deterred me, I wouldn’t be much of a gamer.  Charging ahead, I soon learned that some of the random encounters could be quite tough.

Fuck this, I'm outta here!

Anyway, after fighting a few battles, and running from a few battles too, I find myself a town (yes!).  It seems like quite the ordinary town.  They have new magic and equips and stuff, and another piano for Bartz to grind piano skills on.  This town is also quite… strange.  You see, they haven’t seen strangers in a while, so uh, I get some really weird privileges.  Sure, staying at the inn for free for a night is cool and all, but then, well… two old dudes asked Bartz to dance on stage.

You know though, for a pseudo-medieval world, Final Fantasy V is pretty progressive.

That’s not all though, they even pay you!

"Dad, I can finally make a living!"

Anyway, as much as I’d like to dance for the rest of my life, I’ve got a world to save.  After leaving town and proceeding south for a bit, I find myself across the bridge from a derelict castle.  Feeling the adventurous spirit in me, I decide to go scavenge and take everything I can from the castle.  However, this game had a lesson to teach me.

For today's lesson, you'll learn why running into derelict castles is a bad idea. Or other optional derelict locations, for that matter.

Well, I’ve learned my lesson.  This time, I ignored the castle, and kept on heading south.  Thinking I was heading the right way, the game decided it had to teach me another lesson.

For today's lesson, you'll discover why random encounters and the RNG are hate your guts.

Third time’s the charm, I suppose.  After trekking through this continent for a while and miraculously not getting absolutely murdered, I reached a square shaped forest, which surely means Square wanted me to go here.  And what do you know, I meet a moogle.  Moogles are pretty important, you know, so for the sake of the plot, I decided to approach it.  Apparently, moogles this time around are scared of humans, so this one runs off… and falls into an underground cave.  For the sake of the plot again, my party decides to jump right in.  Rather, I should say dive right in, since we landed in an underground river.  Hey, at least this means the moogle is alive, and not a red stain on the ground.

Frying pan, meet fire.

This cave is also full of enemies I’d rather not fight, since some of them have really high defenses and take a while to kill.  They also take a while to kill via magic, but that might just be my shitty red mage magic level cap.  Also, I met yet another tough enemy.  Said tough enemy was in the same league as those two life lessons from earlier, as it wanted my party just as bad as those Moogle Eaters wanted that moogle.  Making liberal use of the !flee command sure helped my ass though.

I found the moogle though!  Yay!  It’s being attacked by a skeleton though!  No!  But it got killed instantly by a Phoenix Down!  Yay!  Ever the grateful moogle, it shows me the way to its village.  The party makes its way to the elusive village, and finds a bunch of moogles that run away in fear.  Except for that one moogle I saved earlier, who gave me a bunch of free shit.  All the other moogles came out though, and decided to continue on frolicking.  I also found a moogle suit.

Bartz, you're turning into a moogle, stop it!

Which leads to some weird shit.

I suppose the female moogles are bored of real moogles, so they're going after fake moogles now. ... I hope that's a female moogle.

Anyway, the moogles are pretty awesome, since they have telepathy and shit, so they get Krile to come pick me up with her drake (Krile, in case I haven’t established it, is Galuf’s daughter), and take me back to Galuf’s castle, where I exploring the castle and get my ass handed to me.

Of course, the real lesson I learned today is that I haven't learned any lessons, nor will I ever actually do so.

For a completely anticlimactic ending to this week’s episode, I go outside to continue the story.  However, I seem to like getting ambushed.

Fortunately this time, the encounter is piss easy.

Now I’m stuck outside the castle though, with only an objective to point me towards my next objective.  Regrettably, that’s it for this week!

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A mad scientist who's so cool!


A mad scientist who's so cool!


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