PAYDAY: The Heist Wolfpack DLC Released

Overkill Software, the developers of PAYDAY: The Heist, today released the much anticipated “Wolfpack” DLC.

The DLC includes:

  • New Handgun: The STRYK, Full Auto Pistol
  • New Primary Weapon: The AK, Automatic Rifle
  • New Secondary Weapon: The GL40, Grenade Launcher
  • New Deployable Equipment: Sentry gun
  • 2 New Heists: Undercover (transfer money to your account from the IRS) and Counterfeit (secret operation in Florida)
  • New Skilltree: Raise your level cap to 192
  • 2 New Player Upgrades: Tool Kit and Body Armor increase
  • Hosting Ability: Invite friends to play in the new DLC maps even if they do not own the DLC themselves
  • 6 New Trophies to Achieve

What really stands out in this piece of DLC is the hosting ability; I really have to give props to Overkill for allowing players who don’t want to purchase the extra goodies to play the new heists. This is incredibly thoughtful, and this move is sure to bring new fans for the developer. Also, we’re not getting ripped-off either, as this DLC provides a bunch of new content instead of gimmicks like costumes. DLC done right; how refreshing!

Anyways, I’ve been playing a lot of PAYDAY as of late with my brothers and former writer SIYM (check out his guide on how to make bank here), and this new DLC will keep me addicted a while longer. We were already have so much fun with the recently released “No Mercy” heist, which is the Left 4 Dead crossover I reported on a little over a month ago. I also realize I should get a review up of this awesome game some time in the future. Once again, thanks Overkill; looking forward to moar DLC in the future (that’s rare coming from me).

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