Final Fantasy 5 Four Job Fiesta 2012 Fridays Episode 7

Previously on Final Fantasy 5 Four Job Fiesta 2012 Fridays, I got stranded on a new continent, became a very temporary “exotic dancer”, got ravaged by several high level enemies, threw a Phoenix Down at a boss, found some Moogles, and got back to the castle.  Oh yeah, and I finally defeated that Abductor (even though I technically did beforehand).  Hard to beat my party’s resume, I suppose.  This time around, I seem to have been locked out of an area (again), and can only go forward.  Just like last week, really.  Anyway, so with that condition, our party finds itself heading in that vague direction called “forward”.

Apparently, forward just happened to be north, where we found a city called Quelb.  There’s no way around the city, so it seems I’ve gotta go drop by and say hello.  Except nobody’s around for me to say hello to.  The party decided to blow this popsicle stand, but there was a gate blocking the exit, so it seems like the game really really wants me to explore the town.  All the buildings are locked though, except for one.  Totally not a classic example of plot funneling, I’m sure.  Well, looks like… I get attacked in the building!

Guys, I know this doesn't look it, but trust me, this is some real 16-bit dueling!

One thing leads to another, and I get to go out the back.  Oh, and all the villagers (werewolves, interestingly) have come out to say hi.  Time to head to Drakenvale!  Except it’s time to grind, because I can’t kill anything, I need more money, and this is an old RPG.  Well, after I grinded a bit, I can finally consider myself ready for Drakenvale.  Drakenvale has some rather… interesting encounters.

So this guy hits you, and flees immediately afterwards. Is this some sort of fantasy hit and run?

Incidentally, that guy is Golem, one of the summons.  Normally, I’d be eager to get a new summon, but without access to a summoner, I can safely ignore Golem.  Or, well, would, but he hits pretty hard.  Well, this place is pretty annoying.  While you do have some common enemies that are pretty easy to beat, you also have some hard ones that hit like trucks and take too long to beat.  I think I should’ve used some magic, but I’m perpetually poor, so I can’t afford to break rods on common encounters.  At least, not now.  Breaking rods unleash -ga level spells, so I need to save them for when I really do need -ga level spells.

No game, I'm sure those are actually just dinosaur bones.

I’ve already stressed this, but Drakenvale has some reaaaaally weird encounters.  This next encounter is probably one of the most interesting ways I’ve seen to break the standard Final Fantasy fighting system, by introducing something you have to save.

Looks like the tables have turned, Golem!

Here, you need to defeat the two enemies before they kill Golem (which I’ve discovered is pretty easy for them) in order to acquire Golem as a summon.  It’s certainly quite doable for me, as I’ve been able to eliminate the Zombie Dragon before Golem lost half his health, but at that point, I hit flee by accident.  However, for some reason, these enemies take less damage from physical attacks.  Apparently, they go in the back row?  I’m not entirely sure why that is.  Well, anyway, I don’t have a summoner, so Golem is by and large useless.

Sorry Golem, you did kind of smack me around quite a number of times.

In this area is the really special Bone Mail, which has high stats, but turns you into a zombie.  There are upsides to this, but it’s hard to take advantage of it now.  Fortunately for us, the inventory in a Final Fantasy game is large enough to fill the treasury of a small country.  Saved for now.  It seems the party’s run into a dead end.

If only you could jump off small cliffs in RPGs.

And now it seems the party’s fallen into a hole.

I suppose a fall is fine, too.

Squaring away that tiny issue, the party finds itself in an open clearing.  While we find something that resembles the item we’re looking for, it turns out it’s not the item we’re looking for, and is instead a killer plant.

"Honey, did you water the plants too much?"

Amusingly enough, this boss happened to be probably the easiest one I’ve faced, so far.  It never so much as scratched me!  To be fair, the boss was preoccupied with summoning smaller creatures to aid it, though I kept killing them all with routine applications of rod breaking and Zeninage.  You see, back when I was grinding, I wasn’t just grinding for experience, but for money as well.  And that paid off quite well.  There’s not much else to say about this boss, other than it sort of looks like Petey Piranha.

With that, the boss is dead, the MacGuffin is obtained, and I’m back at the castle, where nobody seems to be amazed that our party is the first that came back from Drakenvale alive, and we get to pay for the inn at our own castle.  Joy.  See you guys next week, where I attempt to, once again, move the plot along more briskly!

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A mad scientist who's so cool!


A mad scientist who's so cool!


  1. Now I feel bad for the golem.. D:

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