Final Fantasy 5 Four Job Fiesta 2012 Fridays: An Apology

A quick word from the author: Today’s episode is a rather special one, in that it’s really short due to various reasons that I will shortly explain (and apologize for).  With that in mind, let’s get this mini-episode on the road.

Previously on Final Fantasy 5 Four Job Fiesta 2012 Fridays, Bartz had a 16 bit brawl with a werewolf, got attacked by a summon repeatedly, ignored said summon when he begged for my help, and threw money at a plant.  Wow, we’re kind of assholes, aren’t we?  I should probably mention that the plant was a killer plant.  That makes things justifiable, of course.

Well, anyway, after getting the dragongrass, the party goes back to Galuf’s place, whereupon they head out to meet the sage Ghido, who knows a way to infiltrate Exdeath’s castle.  Except Exdeath is evil, and sunk the island Ghido lives on.  Go proactive antagonists!

Back on the dragon, the party finds itself heading east to a castle, where they’re told they can grab anything that will help them out.  “Don’t mind if we do!”, the party said.  Unfortunately, I could only make use of the 5000 gil I found lying around.  The king of this castle has gathered a fleet of ships to the east of Exdeath’s castle.  The party meets up with the fleet, but soon finds the fleet under attack, with none other than Gilgamesh in charge.

Gilgamesh is so awesome, he even lets you steal some of the best gear in the game from him!

Well, the fight is the same as when you last fought him, really.  Except when you deplete about half his health, his trusty sidekick Enkidu joins the fray and heals 4000 HP.  That’s, incidentally, how much HP Enkidu has, due to the way White Wind works.

Oh I already prepared for trouble, thanks.

I actually lost this fight once, which is probably the first sign that either my strategy or just my levels were lacking.  I was feeling kind of generous at this point, so I threw some money their way the second time threw.  I suppose Enkidu used that money to go buy himself something nice, as he soon left the battle.

Your sidekick's much smarter than you though, that's for sure.

Gilgamesh goes down soon afterwards.  With the attack thwarted, the party and the king, Xezat, soon find themselves infiltrating one of the barrier towers.  It’s at this point that I find myself way in over my head.

I never knew sleeping in submarine chairs could be so refreshing.

Incidentally, I find myself coming back to this spot over and over again.  It’s a free heal, so why not?  However, turns out I can’t very well go two rooms without losing 75% of my HP on all my characters.  Basically, I’m seriously underleveled.  Underleveled to the point where this pretty much obliterated my party (when I imagine it really shouldn’t have):

If this isn't a wake up call for me, I don't know what is.

So as you can see, I’m stuck until I can get more levels under my belt.  At least, I hope that’s the problem I’m facing.  The other problem could very well be I just suck with this party combination, or even game, in general.  And I really hope that’s not the problem, otherwise the rest of the game will be full of trouble spots.  Still, even if I’m just having a level problem, that still represents a lack of time invested in my part.

And with that comes my apology.  I’ve been trying to rush through this challenge, but as you can see, it’s not working very well.  As a result, I find myself clearing less and less content each week, and that shows in the posts.  This is clearly a spiral that, unless corrected, will continue until I very well quit the challenge (or somehow beat it, miraculously).  I suppose my apology is this then: I’m sorry I haven’t been taking the challenge as seriously as I could.  I’ll be trying harder, of course, but the time I can invest in this challenge isn’t a large amount.  I don’t want to do this, but I may have to make these posts bi-monthly.  I’ll try to avoid that, but keep in mind that it is a possibility.

I’m sorry for this sort of a downer, but hopefully, posts in the future will be back up to speed.  With that, I’ll hopefully see you next week!

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A mad scientist who's so cool!


A mad scientist who's so cool!

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