Oct 052012

There are times when you see a film poster with an all star cast lining the top and you wonder how they got all of these people in this movie. All these A-Listers wanted to be a part of this movie? It’s got to be at least decent, right? Sometimes, it works, like Oceans Eleven. Sometimes it doesn’t, like Batman and Robin. When studios line up their top-of-the-hill gang at the peak of their careers, it can sometime be a little suspect.

This was not the impression I got from this movie – Colin Farrell, Sam Rockwell, Christopher Walken, Woody Harrelson were the big names that jumped out at me. Not exactly men at the height of their careers, but certainly great actors in their own right. I  was able to catch an advanced screening of the film, and I thought I might be in for a shlocky, B-film (which can be fun) but my overall expectations were low. I was completely and utterly wrong. Let’s take a look at Seven Psychopaths.

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