Oct 122012

Horror films have had varied and truly strange premises in the past that have worked out strangely well. A simple haunting that proves to be more dangerous as a couple further investigates it with home cameras? Paranormal Activity looked like another found-footage crap fest when trailers first came out and now it’s a very successfully, and well made, franchise. Same for The Blair Witch Project. Haunted video tape where a girl pops out of your TV to kill you? The Ring is one the most respected and recgonized films out there, with even its American remake beign good. I could go on and on, but my point is that even a seemingly bad premise can turn out to be well worth a watch.

So how then does the premise of a haunted videogame that kills you if you die in-game hold up under close inspection? Let’s take a look at 2006’s Stay Alive.

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