Oct 142012

Feeling tired, chilly, and maybe even a little sick after a long weekend of con-going? It’s been a bit of a strong cold-snap here in NYC where most of our MoarPowah writers are based, and after a lovely weekend at New York Comic Con I’m feeling the strain of “con fatigue” mixed with maybe a bit of a head cold.

Okay haha it’s not the best picture, but I assure you, when you’re as sick as a dog like I am right now, it’s the best

So what’s the best way to beat a cold and feel better? Well, plenty of rest for one, lots of liquids, and oh, some nice-and-comforting hot soup like this egg drop version!

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Oct 142012

As per the request of the Guo himself, because the comics are getting less funny due to being too story-driven, from now on, I will focus on degrading and abusing the Jack Guo in the comics more. Blame Jack for being a masochist if you actually liked the plot and character development and all that jazz.

Otherwise, here is your Episode 29. Hopefully the end to this arc is near!