New York Comic Con 2012 Saturday Report

New York Comic Con 2012. Bright lights. Flashy cosplays. Awesome video games. What else can ya ask for?

Unfortunately, I was only able to attend Saturday, but I still was able to get a great experience. I have to say, the first thing I noticed was that unlike last year, the con seemed a bit more organized. Sure there was a lot of waiting to get inside, but it just seemed to flow better (which was a good thing, since Saturday’s are always the worst).

nycc 2012

Once inside, I also noticed the dealer’s floor was easier to maneuver around compared to last year. It looks like the con organizers were more aware of the heavy congestion that was bound to happen (and NYCC seems to draw more attendees every year, so it’ good that things were better spaced out). For example, they moved the Artist Alley to a separate area and used the area it occupied last year for more dealer booths.

Speaking of Artist Alley, I didn’t get to stop by, but then again, I’m not the biggest art guy. Silverwolf talked about it a little more in-depth in his write-up, so you should check it out if you wanted an Artist Alley impression.


Me on the other hand, I’m a big eSports guy, and I was a little disappointed at the lack of an eSport event. Last year, IEM Challenge NY was always held at NYCC. DongRaeGu’s win in 2011 was a lot of fun to watch live and in person, but this year there was that flashy part of the convention just gone. A big eSports event really gave NYCC a special edge. While I realize it’s not feasible to always hold an eSports event simultaneously with a con, it would be cool to see again in the future.


Other than that the stand out event was the Walking Dead stuff that was going on. The Walking Dead was a marquee point of this year’s NYCC. I mean, my badge even had Walking Dead stuff on it! So naturally, I went to see the Walking Dead sneak peak of season three. I had just powered through the first two initial seasons at that time and was hooked and wanting more. The IGN Theater was pretty awesome, and I managed to see some of the actors and actresses there in attendance which included everyone’s favorite Norman Reedus. I didn’t actually sit in on the Q&A unfortunately because of the absence of seating, but I suppose that was my fault for waiting in line with the rest of the lunatic crowd. Next year I’ll be smarter about these big events.

Anyways, I hope you enjoyed my write-up of my Saturday con experience. If you can, I would definitely recommend trying to go to next year’s NYCC, as it will probably be even bigger and better. Cya next year!

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