Oct 192012

Sometimes, we don’t need fiction to give us outlandish comedies and incredible dramas. Real life can often provide all the material needed to make an amazing story flourish on screen. And this seems to be the year to do it – with the highly anticipated Zero Dark Thirty, the dramaticized story of SEAL team 6 and the assassination of Osama bin Laden, airing in the coming month or so, soon these tales might gain popularity. Lucky for Ben Affleck, his film about the CIA mission to smuggle 6 American embassy workers out of Iran in the midst of the hostage crisis, his film managed to come out just before what’s probably going to be the gritty warfare Oscar-baiting one.

But how does Affleck’s style of directing gritty American dramas, like The Town and Gone Baby Gone, deal with the subtleties of directing a film that takes place in one of the most complex countries in the Middle East? Let’s take a look at Argo.

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