Oct 212012

I’m currently afflicted with writer’s block, so most of the rest of this arc will be courtesy of ideas that fellow writer Kaushik threw at me one particular day.

We have a new team stupid in Episode 30.

Let’s hope the rest of this arc goes swimmingly.

Oct 212012

So if you haven’t noticed, I have a morbid fascination with horror stories, ranging from the urban legends peddled about by Weird NJ or a full night of creepy pasta, to checking up on other horrors that sites such as the SCP Foundation archive with delicious detail. So it’s no surprise that this Fall season has got me excited for some of the latest series that deal with horror: Supernatural, The Walking Dead, and hey even 666 Park Avenue are all well and good with varying levels of “scariness” (Arguably 666 Park Avenue is shaping up to be the most vanilla of the three).

Yep. We got crying-black-sludge statues of the Virgin Mary here. I want to cry myself right now

But if demon-hunters, zombies, and jump-scares aren’t enough for your weekly dose of the grotesque and the strange, look no further than American Horror Story’s second season to satisfy your need for something sinister and gory.

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