Silverwolf’s Ultimate DC Supervillain Team

For the month of October, the DC Comics website has undergone a transformation for what they’ve christened Villains Month. All this month, DC has posted villain related articles, sales, and even a sweepstakes. This week, they created a poll to craft the ultimate supervillain team. Just for fun, I decided to answer and figured I’d post who I chose and why.

There are a number of categories, and for each one I’ll post all the options, highlighting the one I selected.

1. Who is the best Mercenary?

-Captain Cold



-Mirror Master


-Captain Boomerang

The choice here was a no-brainer. Deathstroke is a master of multiple styles of combat and adept with numerous weapons. He’s a brilliant tactician and has defeated tons of superpowered foes during his reign. Of course, I have a bit of a soft spot for him thanks to his appearance in the Teen Titans animated show (where he was called Slade, his real first name and decidedly more kid-friendly). I flirted with the idea of Merlyn if only because he’s a Green Arrow villain, but he just didn’t have the chops to cut it. I skipped over Mirror Master and Captain Boomerang almost immediately because, while both are tough, neither has proved too deadly or ambitious. Captain Cold and Deadshot were close runners up, but the former’s emotional issues would hurt a team while the latter is too much of a mercenary and would probably jet if the going got too tough.

2. Who is the best Crime Boss?





-Black Mask

“You honestly chose the Penguin?” Yes, yes I did. The Penguin has one thing a good supervillain team needs: influence. Oswald Cobblepot comes from one of the oldest and strongest families in Gotham, meaning he has loads of connections in both high society and the underworld. People underestimate the Penguin, but time and again he proves a deadly adversary. In fact, he’s one of the enemies Batman has the most trouble with, since the Penguin can usually distance himself from most criminal activities committed by his subordinates. Hush was a close second since he came so close to utterly decimating Batman and because of his familial connection, but his lack of tact and personal vendettas would be a liability to a good team. I’ll be honest: I have no idea who Blockbuster is, so I couldn’t choose him. I almost chose Ventriloquist for laughs, but I have to admit he’s not all that threatening. Black Mask is quite awesome, but he constantly seems to get the short end of the stick in the criminal world and I wouldn’t want to take on someone with such a streak of bad luck.

3. Who is the best Evil Genius?



-Lex Luthor


-Maxwell Lord

This one requires no explanation. Lex Luthor is arguably the most cunning character in the DC Universe. He’s outsmarted the likes of Brainiac, an alien intelligence that claims it is the smartest in the universe (even boasting its intellect level is much higher than Luthor’s). Luthor’s brought Superman to his knees numerous times, often without needing Kryptonite. Bane combines brains and brawn, but his utter reliance on the venom he uses to boost his muscles would be a liability. Riddler is awesome…but a bit too much of a showman to trust on a supervillain team (he loves giving away his master plans, even if they’re encoded). I’m not too familiar with Maxwell Lord, so I couldn’t pick him. Obviously, Luthor isn’t trustworthy whatsoever and always has his own agenda, but the smarts and skills he’d bring to a team are too invaluable to waste.

4. Who is the best Femme Fatale?


-Poison Ivy


-Killer Frost

-Talia al Ghul


This one was a really close race between Talia and Poison Ivy, but I ultimately selected Pamela. Poison Ivy’s mastery of plants is definitely useful in taking down foes, while her knowledge of botany and science  could serve in any number of situations from crafting medicine to analyzing enemy movement. Talia came close because of her ties to the League of Shadows, but by herself she’s not as much of a powerhouse as Poison Ivy. Killer Frost and Chesire immediately got the ax: both are good fighters, but don’t offer much else to a team. I’ve got no familiarity with Circe, and thus couldn’t pick her, either, but if she’s anything like the Greek character of myth I’d be too afraid she’d turn the male members of the team into pigs! Catwoman has proven a great fighter, intelligent planner, and master of espionage and theft, but her general disregard for others made her a poor choice for my team (sorry Judge).

5. Who is the best Monster?




-Killer Croc




-The Demon

-Solomon Grundy

With so many great options, this choice was definitely my hardest but I finally settled on Bizarro. He may be an imperfect copy of Superman, but Bizarro is still a force to be reckoned with. His strength and speed are almost on par with the Man of Steel, has freeze-vision, and heat-breath. Some might argue that his stupidity is a problem, but it’s actually a boon: Bizarro’s lack of intelligence makes him easier to control, while also making him unpredictable in battle! The other choices were all great, and probably my next choice would be Solomon Grundy thanks to his control over wood (though Poison Ivy has my team covered for that, anyway). Doomsday is also a good choice since he killed Superman…but his only motivation is destruction making him too unstable for this team.

6. Who is the best Alien Overlord?








KNEEL BEFORE ZOD! Seriously, this choice took no thought whatsoever. I absolutely LOVE General Zod: he’s got all the powers of a Kryptonian exposed to yellow sunlight, yet he comes from the military on Krypton meaning his fighting style is deadlier than Superman’s. He also possess a brilliant tactical mind. His hatred of humans may be a downside to my team consisting of many of them…but maybe he could put that aside for the greater bad? That’s assuming, of course, that Luthor doesn’t backstab him at some point. None of the other choices really appealed to me. I’ll admit the Anti-Monitor is probably the strongest, but he’s definitely someone too unstable to keep around…

7. Who is the best Mad Scientist?

-Dr. Sivana

-Professor Ivo

-Mister Freeze


-Thomas Morrow

-Reverse Flash

Ah, Eobard Thawne: you truly are one of DC’s best villains. The Reverse Flash has speed to match the Flash, and knowledge of science from the 25th century making him a great asset to any supervillain team. The robotics knowledge from Ivo and Morrow could come in handy, while Scarecrow and Mr. Freeze’s personal inventions would no doubt be useful, but all pales in comparison to what the Reverse Flash has to offer. His single-minded drive for vengeance also gives Thawne the determination necessary for such a team.

8. Who is the best World Conqueror?

-Vandal Savage

-Ra’s Al Ghul

-Gorilla Grodd

-Ocean Master

-Black Adam

-Black Manta

Gorilla Grodd’s mind control powers make him a no-brainer for this team. While all the other characters on this list possess their own armies and vast pools of knowledge, none have this power which a supervillain team cannot do without. Grodd also has a connection to the Speed Force giving him the chance to take down pesky speedsters like The Flash or Johnny Quick. Grodd’s even proven he can conquer a continent. Black Adam is probably the next best choice given his magical abilities…but come on, a giant gorilla is MUCH cooler!

9. Who is the best Wild-Card?

-The Joker


-Mad Hatter

-Harley Quinn

OK, they’re all insane and untrustworthy, but Two-Face is at least the most stable of the four. As a former lawyer, he’s smart. While the Joker may often think of clever plans, he’s just too wild to keep around and would probably end up pissing off other members of the team. Two-Face also has a substantial criminal empire which, when combined with everyone else’s assets, would make a great base for our operations.

There you have it! If you’re interested, you can still vote on your own supervillain team until Monday at 5PM (the link is at the start of my article). Who would you choose for this team and why?

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