Nov 042012

A long while back, around June, I made a post about Wreck-It Ralph–Disney’s 52nd animated film–and I will have to say that I was skeptical. Looking back at my first impressions of Ralph, I am quite proud, pleased to say that after watching the film on its opening day I can honestly say that I was wrong. Say what you will about Disney Animated Studio’s most recent works–things like Bolt, The Princess and the Frog, and Tangled— but Wreck-It Ralph is, by far, one of the best movies to come out of the studio in the last few years.

Misfits and outcasts–like Vanellope and Ralph– are ready to save the day once more.

And it is through Ralph’s combination of superb artistry and strong story that makes this film definitely worthwhile.

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Nov 042012

Hooray! More comedy shenanigans! But most importantly, I got to draw a full-sized Jill today, complete with breasts.

I’m surprised at how much I miss drawing real females sometimes, and at the same time, a bit horrified by being reminded that I actually enjoy drawing breasts (I like drawing real faces too though!).

Well, in any case, I hope the juxtaposition of chibi and full-sized characters isn’t too awkward. Until next week!

Here’s Episode 32.