Nov 072012

Even on the brightest and most straightforward of self-imposed moral paths, many often find video game piracy an alluring prospect. Video games are, after all, overpriced, and many larger companies, in what seems to be most players’ eyes, clearly don’t deserve the money of their hard working patrons. Life is full of marketers and business types who all want their nice percentage of our anuses from which to scrape even the most measly amounts of extra cash. Despicable. Let’s show them up and take. Take it all. Take the shooters and the RPGs. Take the kart racers and the strategy games. Take Crysis and The Sims because EA is the devil. Take Assassin’s Creed and From Dust because Ubisoft is the fool. Take the Humble Indie Bundle because quite honestly, screw anyone who even has even the slightest slug-like impudence to sit on a tower and demand even a penny of your hard earned money. Take take take. If it’s bad, they deserve it. If it’s good, I’m entitled.

Today I will speak about the wonders and joys of internet-based video game piracy in developed nations.
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