Nov 162012

There are certain icons of pop culture who permeated the collective consciousness at every level of society, especially those characters who have jumped from page to screen. One concrete example of this is Sherlock Holmes, famed detective of Scotland Yard made famous by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Ian Fleming’s creation of super-spy-love-machine-extraordinaire James Bond, aka Agent 007, is another.

For decades, James Bond movies have captured the hearts of men and women across the globe as a figure of the golden age of espionage and intrigue, a man who dressed in a tuxedo, carried a gun, and never had his martinis stirred. Played by many of the most prolific actors in all of cinematic history, including the great Sean Connery, there’s no short supply for quality tales of sex, guns, and global peril for the big screen. But many old school fans of the genre are not as pleased with the recent Daniel Craig series of movies which have come out in the last few years, for lacking that particular 007 touch. But now that the latest film has just hit theaters, what will the reaction be?

Let’s take a look at Skyfall.

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