Nov 182012

Hello everyone, and welcome to a quick bite of some Food for Thought! Tonight’s article is inspired by a rather uninspiring Christmas special that I had the “pleasure” of watching yesterday while gearing up for a weekly Saturday morning cartoon run.  The most memorable aspect of this cartoon was its “quality” animation: jerky rigging combined with unappealing, neon-colored CG models. A friend of mine who was (unfortunately) present at the time couldn’t help but voice his opinion, succinctly summarizing: Ugh CG animation sucks. Traditional animation is so much better.

Both Young Justice and Green Lantern are wildly popular series — but is one better than the other because of its animation style?

Which is silly, considering he sat through a screening of Wreck-it Ralph and loved it to pieces —  but his comment, and the ensuing “argument” that followed, is perhaps a question that many animation fans often consider. In the wake of highly anticipated animated movies ranging from the successful Wreck-it Ralph, to The Rise of the Guardians, and even the onslaught of other CG sequels of varying quality, where does traditional animation stand when the rest of the industry seems to be pushing towards digital, digital, and still more digital films?

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