Nov 232012

You know when you go out and drink a few too many drinks, and you wake up the next morning, asking yourself “Why did I think that was such a good idea?” over and over as your head pounds like a drum? Yeah, I get that feeling everytime I see a bad horror movie. As you can guess, I tend to avoid them as much as I can. Case and point, for years I stayed as far away from the Saw films as humanly possible. Why? Cause all it looked like torture porn and mindless violence and “deep” philosophy that would wind up nowhere because it was just meant to try and justify the torture and violence. And most of the time, I’d be right.

But oddly enough, not this time. When someone finally forced me to sit down actually watch the first three movies in one sitting as part of a Halloween charity event (these are the things I do, people, don’t question it) and I realized how wrong I was. So whether you’re a believer, or a doubter, let’s discuss the merits (and yes, pitfalls) of the Saw series of movies.

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