Nov 282012

It’s funny to me that I spend so much of my writing space discussing handheld games, considering how little I used to care about that area of video games. Yet in the last year I have catapulted my playtime with both the 3DS and Vita to nearly eclipse that of home consoles and PC games. Several key games have helped contribute to my newfound fascination with gaming on the go, and it’s likely that my current college student lifestyle easily facilitates this form of play.

That being said, I am clearly the exception to the rule, the rise against the norm. While I may be enjoying my Vita wholeheartedly, there appears to be a vast majority who find themselves disappointed by its slim offerings or disinterested in buying one altogether. That’s really too bad, because the Vita was and still in many ways is a console with great potential. But what’s ultimately true is that the Vita faces a substantial uphill battle if Sony truly desires to see it succeed. Conservative implementation, marketing, and game development will not save it from its many visible woes. No, the Vita will have to see some great changes if it wishes to do even marginally well.

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