Dec 022012

Hello everyone – Fenrir here with another tasty addition of Fantastic Feasts and Where to Find Them! If you live out here on the East Coast (Like I do) you might have noticed that it’s gotten a bit nippy around here — I’m certainly suffering for not dressing warmly enough with a sore throat and a cold. But, there is always a bit of a silver-lining to everything–even a passing cold!–and that silver-lining usually manifests itself in the form of some sort of hot drink.

You too can brew as expertly as Hershel with these tea tips!

Now I could turn to some soup for comfort, or maybe even a cup of hot chocolate, or some butter-beer, to warm up from the inside out but I think to combat the remains of this cold I should consult a “healthier” alternative. So today we’re going to be talking about tea and how to brew a perfect cup each and every time you need one!

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