Dec 052012

I’ve always been a passionate fan of video game music. From my early days tape recording themes from Pokemon Gold and Super Smash Bros. Melee to my more recent adventures at Distant Worlds and Video Games Live, music has always been an area of gaming that I enthusiastically enjoy and cherish. Many of the older games I discover I do so because of hearing a tune I like by chance (it’s certainly the reason I decided to go back and pick 9 out of all the Final Fantasies to give a play) and I cite the music as the driving force behind Journey‘s incredible power.

To celebrate some of my favorite game music (and to encourage readers to introduce me to other hidden gems I’ve never found on my own), I’ve decided to go on an expedition through my iTunes to find my favorite game soundtracks that are often left without the praise they deserve, whether it be because of underexposure, underappreciation, or the natural passing of time. These aren’t necessarily my favorite soundtracks of all time, but I consider them worth a little appreciation. Hope you enjoy.

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