Dec 162012

Here’s Martin Freeman trading in his role as a sidekick to — well, he’s still sort of a sidekick, but hey, at least he’s the titular character this time

Hello everyone! Fenrir here with yet another movie review (instead of food, haha). This weekend Peter Jackson’s highly anticipated The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey–the first of three “prequel” movies to his acclaimed Lord of the Rings trilogy–was released to generally favorable reviews.  The critics have rallied against it, with many a complaint for what is otherwise a stunningly charming film — and if you asked me maybe thirty minutes after my midnight screening run I would have asked you how could anyone not like The Hobbit?

Well one more screening later, and I think I can weigh in on this film without the rose-colored fandom glasses — so how does this first leg of a three-film journey stand on its own furry feet?

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