Dec 182012

Kaushik here, and I recently got my hands on a 3DS XL for one of my more anticipated games of the year, Paper Mario Sticker Star. As this is the first 3DS game I’ve ever played for extended periods of time, I’ll be mentioning various points about the 3DS XL as well, but mostly I’ll stick to the game. I’d like to mention I haven’t finished the game yet, but I’ve made a good deal of progress. So Paper Mario Sticker Star released November 11, 2012. The last game in the Paper Mario franchise was the Wii title, Super Paper Mario, which is mostly seen as a flop and kind of tarnish on the Paper Mario series. Unlike Super Paper Mario which was mostly a platformer, Sticker Star attempts to go back to the series’ roots for a more RPG-y feel. How successfully has the Paper Mario series transitioned to the 3DS? Let’s find out!

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