Judge’s Top 12 Anime of 2012

Another year, another “Ani-Bloggers Choice Anime Awards.” You can check out my picks for 2011, and you can also check out Kaushik and Pluffei’s 2012 picks as well. Like last year, I will rank these shows based on how entertained I was, not how “good” they are. Here we go!

12. Campione!

Generic harem anime? Definitely. But it’s still quite entertaining. The beginning is awfully rushed (dedicated readers of the light novels were severely disappointed), and a lot is left to be desired. Yet it’s mythology based (which I like) and has hot girls. Good enough.

11. Sword Art Online

I’ll be honest here: I want to rank this show higher, but I can’t. The first couple or so episodes were so promising, and I really enjoyed watching the seriousness of it all. Yet everything fell apart when the show became too lighthearted and Asuna-centric.

10. Thermae Romae

Hilarious. The art and animation are very simplistic, but it was a very enjoyable show. Watching Lucius interact with modern Japanese people was priceless. I’ll be picking up volume 1 of the manga soon with some of the Christmas money I’ve received ūüôā

9. Amagami SS+

I really enjoyed the first season (Morishima-senpai!!), and the second season was also enjoyable, albeit a little less. The stories were all original, so I give props AIC.

8. Lupin III: Mine Fujiko to Iu Onna

The first Lupin show in 25 years! And it focuses on the sexiest character in the franchise. Sweet.

7. Fate/Zero Season 2

I’m not really sure where this show should place on this list. I feel it could be lower, yet it also could be higher. Either way, the show was entertaining, and seeing the end of Saber and Kiritsugu’s journey was satisfying.

6. Sakamichi no Apollon

One of the best anime dramas I’ve seen in a while. The music was¬†absolutely¬†amazing, and the bromance wasn’t too overbearing. However, the show did drag a little at the end, which is why this isn’t higher on the list.

5. Muv Luv Alternative: Total Eclipse

Muv Luv makes the top 5 largely because of the giant robot + hot girl factor. If you would like a better reason, here goes. Like Sword Art Online, things started off great. It did deteriorate a little bit, but not as much as the Kirito-Asuna love story. Also, I absolutely loved the CG mechs. There ya go.

4. Suki-tte Ii na yo

I love shoujos (or as my girlfriend Pluffei says, “mainstream” shoujos), and Suki-tte is no exception. I had Kimi ni Todoke S2 in my top 3 last year, so this reinforces that notion. What can I say? I like touching love stories, even if they are unbelievable. And Mei does remind me of my own girlfriend in some respects (a fact she dislikes).

3. Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon S2

When people think of this show, they think big boobs. And they’re right. And there’s nothing with that. I was really captivated with the show, and I enjoy the numerous intricacies and details of the plot and world it is set in (albeit it can be slightly convoluted and¬†unnecessary). It’s Code Geass in a sense with great animation, flashy fights, and a large cast. They also both have despicable main protagonists (Ledouche and Tori). And the music in both flat out rocks. Oh! Tenzou rules, and Mary may be my new waifu…

2. Ginga e Kickoff!

Sports anime run in my blood. I eagerly await every new episode of this delightful anime about a elementary school soccer team. Every episode is legitimately important and has some theme to it. Justin of OASG is the only one I know of giving the show some serious love (go check out his picks for the ACAA!). Good for you Justin.

1. Accel World

Shocker? Probably. Nonetheless, no other show entertained me more than Accel World. While most people find the protagonist unbearable, I sympathize with him (and even empathize to a certain extent). Half the people won’t admit the reason they hate Haruyuki is that they see a tad of themselves in him; a weakness that weighs them down.

People will never admit it, and I’m sure many are¬†subconsciously aware of it, but weakness and the ability to overcome it are difficult things to address. It’s so much easier to say, “grow the hell up.” Believe me, I see people talk big all the time only to have their actions dictate otherwise. This is why I don’t mind Haruyuki that much. ¬†At least he actually tries to grow stronger, despite his many shortcomings.

Other things which made the show great were it’s art, animation, music, plot (very faithful to the light novels), good pacing, good cast, great avatar design, and awesome fights. I wouldn’t say this show would make it into my personal all-time greats, but it was, as stated earlier, the most entertaining of 2012.

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  1. An interesting and more diverse list than others…heck, its even more diverse than my own. So diverse, the ONLY show I saw that you also did was Horizon II and I considered it a rehash of the first season. Still, I really liked it. I'm still waiting for my Malga and Margot exclusive episode. Season 3 MUST bless the world with that episode.

    A friend of mine enjoyed Accel World for what it was but you're the first person I've seen online who ranked it as their anime of the year. And here I was praising the show for the sole fact that the protagonist is a chubby boy.

    • Wait a second, you and Pluffei are a couple? No wonder she's nice to me, unlike some of your other broskis who ignore my omnipotent presence…kidding.

      I also noticed you are to T&A as I am to yuri, meaning dedicated to the core. Too bad QB: Rebellion didn't make your list. Speaking QB, do you know where I can watch or download all the uncensored episodes? Watching QB censored is both wrong and stupid.

      • … Ooooh. Well, I'm not one to flaunt my relationship status unlike a certain judge. A blogger should have a defined personality but still stay as impersonal as possible, in my opinion. And I'm not extra nice to you, haha. I just respond to all comments pertaining to be out of etiquette. (nonetheless pleased to make your acquaintance as well)

        Ah man. … Karuta totally tops Watanuki. I love those two. So much maniac!

      • The fact you replied was enough to know I am welcome here by someone other than Judge Dredd. That's why I reply to posts here more than I need to.

        Yup. Those three pretty much stole the show, Karuta more so than Watanuki and me, being who I am, enjoyed Nobara most of all.

      • Hey G, you should know by now I have a pretty diverse set of interests. And I thought this was known that I love T&A as you love yuri. I recall having a discussion as well about milfs > lolis. The busty mom from Koihime Musou came to mind. I thought about putting QB: Rebellion on the list. Should have thrown an honorable mention in. I'll probably edit it in later. As far as uncensored, I'm pretty sure someone is subbing the blu-rays, which are uncensored. Check Tokyo Tosho out, I think a group called Rizlim is doing it.

        And I don't flaunt my relationship status. I just throw it in where it applies. I've mentioned it before on the site a few times. I do believe in privacy, but not to the extent of Pluffei. I think it's cool to let your readers know what's going in your life if it applies. Definitely don't overdo it, but still when it's applicable.

        As far as replies to your comments (and when other people comment on the site), I do wish my staff would be better about that. I know for a fact Kaushik just writes his articles and that's it. But it's definitely a good thing to reply to comments. I don't think anyone's been mean when they have replied to you though :/

      • Yes. I do remember our conversation on harems, fanservice, MILFs obviously being better than lolis and of course, T&A. This list showed me you like T&A as much as you told me then.

        Perhaps I overreacted a bit. I didn't mean to say your coworkers were mean to me by not replying, I meant to say that by replying, it shows my comments aren't just petty contributions and will be answered, thus encouraging me to comment some more.

        I do have a tendency of being shocked when I bump into a female animeniac every now and then. I'm used to a living on an island where female otakus of any kind are a rare breed and hidden from humanity.
        Until college, there were several otakus of both genders…then college came and…no girl who follows Haruhiism or The Church of Madoka.

  2. Haha, thanks for the shoutout man :3

    But yes, this is definitely some list…but I would have never expected Accel World to be your #1. Definitely a surprise!

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