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Hello everyone, silverwolf here! Today marks the premier of a new column I’ve developed called “Give It a Shot!” Basically, the purpose of this space is to talk about something I enjoy but is overlooked by most people. In this space, I (or some other writers) will try to convince you, without rambling too long, to check out whatever we’ve chosen. As few as one or as many as three writers may use this space, twice monthly, to discuss these new topics.

This time, I’ll be talking about DC’s fantasy comic series Sword of Sorcery while Fenrir is here to talk about the video game Rhythm Heaven. 

Sword of Sorcery

Sword of Sorcery is one of only two DC Fantasy series alongside Demon Knights. I gave Issue #0, the first issue in the series, a rather lukewarm review upon its release in September. A few issues later, however, and I’m loving the series. It’s really great and I’m here today to convince you its worth buying and reading.

Sword of Sorcery is an anthology title, meaning it includes both a main story and a shorter backup story. The main story follows Princess Amaya, heir to House Amethyst. Growing up on Earth means this new world is totally alien to the girl formerly known as Amy Winston, and soon she’s embroiled in Gemworld’s politics. The first backup story focused on a post-Apocalyptic retelling of Beowulf with lots of surprising twists.

An example of the awesome art, featuring House Diamond, rivals to the power of Nilaa.

This series is a great for a number of reasons. Firstly, the art is magnificent, especially the colors: each issue is full of so much fantastical eye-candy courtesy of Aaron Lopresti and HI-FI. Secondly, this series features a strong female lead in Amaya, a character who is believably written and does not fall into any of the conventions that often plague female comic book leads. Thirdly, this series is written by the stellar Christy Marx who’s giving us a fantasy story with a plot deeper than standard quests and fight scenes. Finally, the setting of Nilaa (also known as Gemworld) is interesting and is full of charm.

It’s a shame that Sword of Sorcery isn’t seeing great sales figures, but I’d encourage everyone to pick it up, especially if you’re in the camp of supporting female comic creators. As of writing, there are currently 4 issues on the stands, so finding all the issues shouldn’t be too hard. It’s a really solid read and fantasy fans will love it. So what are you waiting for? Give it a shot!

Rhythm Heaven

Looking for quirky gameplay and great music? Then get ready to give Rhythm Heaven a shot!

Alright, so, Fenrir here and here we go with a very quick, tempting bite to try out Rhythm Heaven, a game that has unfortunately slunk under the radar. Whether you’re talking about the DS or the Wii version — you’ve got to give Rhythm Heaven a shot if you’re looking for exciting and quirky mini-games that are set to a catchy beat.

So why should you check it out? Essentially, Rhythm Heaven is a game that tests your tempo skills, with mini-games designed for their ear-catching melody while you–the player–must match the beat. The controls are easy enough, for the DS just a tap with the stylus set to the beat and for the Wii you won’t be using more than your A button or a A+B combo. The simplicity of the controls belies how complex and exciting the rhythms are, starting off slowly with easy 4/4 rhythms and moving up to complex patterns of tripelettes and half-notes. Because while you’re here for the mini-games, you won’t be disappointed with the music, with satisfying techno sounds and a notoriously catchy beat.

By the way, if you like music, or play an instrument? You may have an advantage — but it’s still fun for even the musically “challenged,” with visual cues helping out as you get your musical bearings.

You need not ask, why just understand that this mini-game is going to have you humming along with its melody a few days later

So not only is this game easy to play, but if there is one thing that Rhythm Heaven excels at beyond its well-designed music — it’s in its visual oddity. It’s a novel game with a unique, eccentric quirkiness that will offer something for everyone. Love cute mascot characters – Rhythm Heaven has got you covered; enjoy the random side of game-design — Rhythm Heaven has got that covered, too.

You only need check out a few videos yourself to see how this all works to bring together a fun game that is easy to get into — with catchy songs, cute and exciting game design, and an impossible to forget beat – Rhythm Heaven is definitely worth a shot to get your groove on and to satisfy your mini-game itch.

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