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Ladies and gents, it’s 2013. And besides meaning that we have all survived the supposed Mayan apocalypse, it means that Girl’s Generation is back to making Korean singles. Which is both great and bad. Great, because even though all their Japanese-only singles were awesome, one yearns for the days of old. Bad because…the first single they produced for this new year isn’t exactly the cream of the crop, in my humble internet opinion. Don’t believe me? Let’s take a look at I Got a Boy.

Here’s the music video with subs:

This song…is a doozy. The lyrics have to be discussed in tandem with the song because, well, if you didn’t watch the video (though you should) you can see the song is not just one narrative, it’s more like three. The first section is about the other girls being jealous of a girl and her boyfriend, and I think are trying to diss her for having changed her entire style. The style of music has a distinct hip-hop-rap sound to it, which is a style they use a lot now. The middle, and most reccurring part, is from the perspective of the girl with the boyfriend, and has more of a pop vibe to it. The last part is an angry girl, whose boyfriend sort of ignores her, which sounds more like a rock ballad.

And everything in one shade of pink or another.

If you don’t know the lyrics, you’ll get very confused why all of a sudden there’s a change in the musical style. Even if you understand what’s happening lyrically, there’s not much transition between the parts. While all three separate parts sound good in their style, there lies the problem. They sounds like three separate parts that happen to be in one song together. The song and its weird style does grow on you eventually, but it shouldn’t have to take that long to get into a song. I can’t fault it, however, for at least trying to be original and do something new with the typical “I love my boyfriend” fare. Does it work? Sort of, but if they try to do this again, hopefully they’ll work harder to make it mesh. If there’s one thing to say about the video right off the bat, its that holy shit there’s a lot of bright colors in this thing. It’s like someone just exploded a rainbow on various sets and called it a day. On the one hand, this is a good plan of action – bright and colorful tend to be eye catching factors, and set this song apart from their recent Japanese singles, which have had a more subdued palette.

Yeah, subdued’s not even in the same dimension as this video.

The problem with this style is that there’s just too much going on. The styles don’t clash as much as you’d expect them to, but it’s sort of like they decided to take all the cutesy brightly colored clothing and bracelets and costumes designs that they haven’t used since Geeand smash them all into one video. That’s not to say that its ugly per se, it’s just sort of a shock to the system at first. As a fan of the original style of Girls Generation, I quite like the change to something closer to the old days. The costumes follow a similar motif, where basically they looked at their ample closets and just started throwing things together sort of blindly. And sometimes it worked. Sometimes it looked like the 90s were coming back to seek terrible vengeance for all the wrong we had committed.

There is nothing we can do to repent for these fashion choices.

There is nothing we can do to repent for these fashion choices.

While I Got a Boy may not be la creme de la creme of Girls Generation’s repertoire, it’s certainly not the worst thing they ever produced. While the song and the video can only be accurately described in their entirety as a clusterfuck, it does try some new ways to tell a story through song, and is actually somewhat enjoyable. Hopefully, there will be better songs on the way for this group in 2013, but for now, it’s a bit of a shaky start to the new year.


– Interesting, mostly well executed concept

– Entertaining music video

– Experimental with the music.


– Costuming all over the place.

– Not a particularly good or strong song.

– Giant mismatch concept.

Rating: 3/5

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