Jan 312013

I love Superman, which is why an announcement of a DC animated film retelling one of my favorite stories, Superman: Brainiac by Geoff Johns, filled me with excitement. Today, the Nerdist posted a trailer for the new film titled Superman: Unbound. After watching it, I’m super excited (pun intended)! Given the high quality of DC’s animated line and the strength of the source material I’ve got high hopes for this direct-to-DVD movie. Check out the trailer below and let me know your thoughts!

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  1. Most (Not all), direct-to-DVD DC animated movies are usually what DC fans crave whenever a non-live action DC movie breaks their fanboy hearts, such as Green Lantern and Superman Returns. Yes, I'm excited.

    PS, I do hope Man of Steel won't take the realism thing TOO FAR! Personally, I think that hurt the Nolan Batman trilogy from being a masterpiece instead of only Dark Knight being the best.

    • I've got high hopes for Man of Steel, but obviously we'll just have to wait and see. Also, and I may regret saying this someday, I didn't think Green Lantern was that bad.

      • GL was more of a disappointment than a bad movie. I'm sad that the CG animated GL series got cancelled though.

      • I totally agree! Fenrir and I actually discussed how much of a shame it is that the GL animated series is going off the air, especially since it had so much potential.

      • Same goes for Young Justice. It was alright. Not my favorite teenage hero team show but one of the better ones.

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