Feb 032013

So it’s approximately one year ever since my Super Bowl post on food — and tonight, which just so happens to be a Super Bowl night — we are privy to some lulzy, terrifying, inspiring events. As of right now the Ravens are winning (Much to Starshine’s dismay) which could possibly change, considering the black-out effects and what-not — but even with the game at stake, there’s always room to munch on something comforting.

Aw yeah, fried mini veggie spring rolls

Aw yeah, fried mini veggie spring rolls

And what is more comforting than fried food?

This year we have a veritable feast of some of our Super Bowl favorites (KFC and Cheesey Bread from our friends at Domino’s), but hey, you know what, growing girls (and boys) need their vegetables. So, why not some vegetables — hidden underneath a nice crispy layer of egg-roll-wrapper?

Seriously, you won’t be crying when your team is losing while you munch on these (relatively) healthy treats!

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