Tuesday Tunes Episode 1: The Best of Final Fantasy

Hello, anyone and everyone. I am your humble host, Travis, and this is the very first episode of an audio series on the history, examination, and celebration of video game music both celebrated and underrated.

Every other week, I will upload a new segment on a different game, series, genre, or specific compilation, and you’re encouraged to seek out and support the artists and composers covered (purchase links provided at bottom).

For today’s episode, I considered a number of well-deserving options but ultimately decided on Final Fantasy as the introductory focus. For self-evident reasons, the music of the Final Fantasy series has been active in my life long before the games themselves, and ultimately any games I did end up playing I chose to hear specific tracks in their original contexts. Of course in the interest of keeping the episode succinct, I’ve neglected some beautiful, thrilling music, and so expect that someday I may return to Final Fantasy for a second go.

On a personal note, please understand that I personally have very little experience with broadcast speech. While I’m sure I’ll get better with time, I hope you’ll put up with my odd inflections and voice gargling for the time being (sorry).

Purchase links, for those who wish to support this week’s spotlit artists and composers:

Final Fantasy (Original Soundtrack)
FINAL FANTASY (Original Soundtrack) - Nobuo Uematsu

Distant Worlds: Music From Final Fantasy
Distant Worlds Music from Final Fantasy - Nobuo Uematsu

Final Fantasy IV (Original Soundtrack)
FINAL FANTASY IV (Original Soundtrack) - Nobuo Uematsu

Final Fantasy VI (Original Soundtrack)
FINAL FANTASY VI (Original Soundtrack) - Nobuo Uematsu

Final Fantasy VIII (Original Soundtrack)
FINAL FANTASY VIII (Original Soundtrack) - Nobuo Uematsu

Final Fantasy X (Original Soundtrack)
FINAL FANTASY X (Original Soundtrack) - Junya Nakano, Masashi Hamauzu & Nobuo Uematsu

Final Fantasy XIII Original Soundtrack
FINAL FANTASY XIII Original Soundtrack - Masashi Hamauzu

20020220 (Music from Final Fantasy)
20020220 (Music from FINAL FANTASY) - Nobuo Uematsu

Tour De Japon
Currently Unavailable for purchase

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