Feb 112013

Hello everyone, welcome back to another Mecha Monday! We’re just a few days away from Valentine’s Day, and though I know most of you will prefer to spend it traditionally, today’s the best time to look to our inner Ryuseis and marvel the mecha themselves. There’s a mech for all your needs, so there’s no need to spend your Mechalentine all alone. Please enjoy this very special occasion, hopefully you’ll get giant, oversized candy that could level a house or two from your secret robot admirer.

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Feb 112013


With Valentine’s Day almost here, I figured I’d try and help out everyone who’s thinking about relationships. I’ve figured out that there are seven different types of people everyone is destined to come across and possibly even date. This list compares those people to famous superheroes, so without further ado let’s dive in! Continue reading »

Feb 112013

Hey all and welcome to yet another addition of “Food for Thought” — this time with Valentines Day steadily approaching, I’ve got some suggestions for a fun evening with your special someone! Or well, so long as your special person is into this thing known as “fandom”, you know, those communities that surround movies/books/television shows/video games/anime/etc. — see tumblr for a crash-course in how fandoms operate.


If you’ve been around fandom for the last year you may recognize these two.

But anyhow – if your significant other is, in general, a fan of something or other — then you’re in luck! Because they probably also have a favorite actor (Or actress, but that’s for another post, so stay tuned!), and what better way to show you care than by brushing up on your knowledge of some of their favorite celebs and the diverse movies they star in? Listed here are some of the more (recently) popular actors and an accompanying selection of movies that will definitely make your date’s day!

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