Food for Thought: Attractive Actors for a (Relatively) Romantic Eve

Hey all and welcome to yet another addition of “Food for Thought” — this time with Valentines Day steadily approaching, I’ve got some suggestions for a fun evening with your special someone! Or well, so long as your special person is into this thing known as “fandom”, you know, those communities that surround movies/books/television shows/video games/anime/etc. — see tumblr for a crash-course in how fandoms operate.


If you’ve been around fandom for the last year you may recognize these two.

But anyhow – if your significant other is, in general, a fan of something or other — then you’re in luck! Because they probably also have a favorite actor (Or actress, but that’s for another post, so stay tuned!), and what better way to show you care than by brushing up on your knowledge of some of their favorite celebs and the diverse movies they star in? Listed here are some of the more (recently) popular actors and an accompanying selection of movies that will definitely make your date’s day!



10. Benedict Cumberbatch: Let’s start with one of the more popular actors with one of the biggest fandoms out there; if your date is a Sherlockian they’ll (probably) swoon over Mr. Cumberbatch with his sharp features and his impeccable voice. (Hey voices can be attractive) If you haven’t indulged them already with a Sherlock marathon, grab some chocolate, some roses, and get your hands on Seasons One and Two of BBC’s Sherlock — watch out it’s going to be a lengthy marathon, but definitely something your loved one will appreciate.

Alternatively you can check out some of Cumberbatch’s other films: Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, Amazing Grace, and even War Horse (Bring tissues for the latter, though, it might not end too well).


Based on personal experience, though, if you want to show off to your significant other your newfound Cumberbatch knowledge avoid Atonement at all costs. Just. Don’t. It’s a mood breaker, I swear.


9. John Cho: Ah, John Cho — sorry but I had to throw him in because let’s face it, he’s got the perfect guy-next-door look down, which is rather adorable, and endearing. And he’s also in plenty of uh comedy films such as the infamous Harold and Kumar series which, while crass, might be the type of ridiculous that you and your date need if you’re into that kind of thing, as well as American Pie. Or maybe even Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist, if you want some quirky-look-how-hip-and-indie-we-are things to snort at, along with a well-placed squee when you realize that hey John Cho is in it, too!

Star Trek movie image anton yelchin as chekov chris pine as james t. kirk simon pegg as lt. montgomery scott karl urban as dr. mccoy john cho as sulu and zoe saldana as uhura

But with the new Star Trek film approaching (Which, by the way, also features Mr. Cumberbatch), another good movie to watch together would most definitely be Star Trek. Annnnd perhaps the promise of a “belated” Valentines Day present with some Star Trek Into Darkness tickets will suffice as well!


8. Hugh Jackman: Alright, Les Mis mania might be over and done with, but there’s no stopping the Hugh Jackman fans. Which there are plenty — and as you all well-know from anime, an internet in middle-aged men is a thing. And what’s not to like, he’s handsome enough, even without Adamantium claws, and he can (Arguably) sing.

What’s not to love?


Get the evening rolling with Hugh Jackman’s Oscar opening number, and then pop in some good ol’ X-Men and ready yourself for a marathon. Alternatively if you haven’t seen the Mis and your significant other is a big musical fan (And if they aren’t tired of it already) you could grab an early show there. Or show off your taste in movies with The Prestige or even go the Valentines-Day-romantic-comedy route with Kate & Leopold.


7. Richard Armitage: Now Richard Armitage has just recently dominated several fandom circles with his stunning performance as the (very attractive) dwarf , Thorin Oakenshield. Although fans of BBC’s adaptation of Robin Hood deserve a sulk since they knew all about him first during his run as Guy of Gisborne, you can’t blame the rest of the Internet fandom falling hard for him as a brooding, dashing displaced prince (Even when caked underneath makeup and prosthetics and  the sobering realization that Thorin is about 4 feet in height).  He’s got the Byronic hero look down-pat — but tragically does not have a wide range of cinema to go through.


Besides The Hobbit, he’s had some interesting bit roles in Star Wars and even Captain America — but Richard’s name is more likely to be found in BBC specials, and even as the narrator for a rather (hilarious) enlightening sperm documentary.

Sorry couldn't resist - I mean, it's Thorin Oakenshield as a Nazi

Sorry couldn’t resist – I mean, it’s Thorin Oakenshield as a Hydra agent

Although, if we’re going to be honest with ourselves, The Hobbit does employ some very handsome fellows — there is definitely “something for everyone” if you and your Valentine give The Hobbit (another) watch through.


6. David Tennant: I preface this entry by saying that I am not a legitimate Whovian, and that some may argue that there are “better” doctors out there than David Tennant, but you’ve got to pause and notice how cute he is. He not only has the cute-dorky-look down, but he himself is a “big nerd” (According to Starshine anyway), who grew up loving Doctor Who and ended up starring as one of the doctor’s many incarnations. Besides his stint as the Tenth Doctor (And running a marathon for that), you can also give The Decoy Bride a spin.


And for a very, very obscure David Tennant voice-over, check out How to Train Your Dragon, where he voices a background character in a rather good animated film!


5. Chris Hemsworth: Now arguably numbers 4 and 5 can be interchanged, but if your significant other is a fan of the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe), then a movie-night featuring everyone’s favorite Norse god of thunder might just be the ticket. Chris Hemsworth has a winning smile and arguably the bluest eyes that have earned him thousands of notes and reblogs (I know, I’ve seen them *Ehem*) on fandom hubs, but more than that he’s got an uh interesting repertoire of movies to check out.


Besides Thor, The Avengers, and the promise to watch that upcoming Thor sequel — Chris Hemsworth has also appeared in: The Cabin in the Woods (Horror film hilarity), as well Snow White and the Huntsman (Fantasy melodrama OR comedic gold, take your pick!). He also has a bit role in that new Star Trek movie for about five minutes, but hey, it’s always good to note!

"Marvel's The Avengers" Press Conference

4. Chris Evans: Oh Chris Evans. Just look at his precious face — it’s easy to see why his rendition of Steve Rogers is a fan favorite and is pretty popular. And if you’re tired of watching Captain America and The Avengers again, and again then you’re in luck: Chris Evans was certainly busy before his stint as America’s beloved super soldier.

Spend Valentines day flipping through some of his older films ranging from Not Another Teen Movie (With this very memorable whipped-cream scene), or his early days as another Marvel superhero in The Fantastic Four. He also plays the “Harvard Hottie” to co-star Scarlett Johanson’s down-and-out recent anthropology major graduate slice-of-life drama in The Nanny Diaries (Which is a good chick-flick, I swear). AND he’s an evil-ex in Scott Pilgrim vs. the World (A very good choice for both you and your date!), and last but not least, he appears nearly naked for a good three-quarters of What’s Your Number.


So yeah, there’s definitely a lot to choose from if your date is a Chris Evans fan.


3. Will Smith: Now Will Smith here has had a very long and illustrious career — one that has him star in a wide variety of roles and films that cross into all sorts of genres. It won’t feel like a “date” movie, that’s for sure, when you pop in a film featuring the dashing Mr. Smith here, and what with that let’s-go-back-to-the-90s nostalgia kicking around, going through some of Will Smith’s earlier works will definitely make for a memorable Valentines film night.

Start off with Independence Day and Men in Black for a double-feature, alien-creature sort of thing — and while your date is squeeing over some 90s kid feels and Will Smith in his element (That is, action films) — you can either ready I Am Legend (You know, to keep the action going) or, for typical romantic-comedy faire Hitch is another great choice.


Personally, as much as I love Seven Pounds and The Pursuit of Happyness they might be too “much” for an otherwise relaxing Valentines night. And if you know a thing about movies, I wouldn’t recommend playing Hancock. Just don’t. Don’t.


2. Jensen Ackles: So I asked Starshine why I added Jensen Ackles on this list (At her behest, might I add) and this was her response:

Because he’s mighty fine (Emphasis hers, seriously). She also adds that he’s “beautiful”, and can probably wax poetic about how amazing he is. Which I can see from watching Supernatural — Jensen Ackles is a rather handsome fellow with a special sort of charm that shines when he’s battling demons and knifing monsters in the throat. Uh. Ehem. Anyhow, if your significant other is a Supernatural fan, I am sorry, but you’re obligated to give it a shot especially on Valentines Day; ready up the brownies decorated with pentagrams and maybe some red-icing blood-spattering and sit down for a (long) Supernatural season run.


Other good suggestions to help your Valentine get their Jensen Ackles fix can be found in films such as: My Bloody Valentine — a slasher film if they’re into that. OR, if you’re not in the mood for slashing-and-knifing, you could sit through a run of Days of Our Lives, a long-running soap but hey, mentioning it is a pretty good sign that you did your fandom homework. Also, he’s the voice of Jason Todd in Batman: Under the Red Hood which is yet another alternative film for V-Day.


1. Tom Hiddleston: You might say I’m biased. Okay, yeah, I am a little biased. And maybe a member of the Hiddleston army.

But no, hold up, if your significant other is following fandom trends then there is a pretty good chance they’ve been caught up in the Hiddles-hay-fever which is only growing stronger, and stronger. And while my broski (AKA. Silverwolf) may raise a brow at why I (And several thousand other fans) find Mr. Hiddleston (very) attractive, I will succinctly break down why he’s made it to number one on the list: It’s not about looks, it’s character. And Tom Hiddleston is a character, not just in the way he played fan-favorite Loki Laufeyson, but also for his charm, his generosity towards his fans, and — look. He’s just an amazing person who’s won over most of the Internet with amazing cheek-bones, and his interviews are adorable, and have you even heard his voice — have you heard him recite Shakespeare, and, and, and — okay.


That said, if your significant other is a Hiddles fan then there’s plenty of films out there for you to indulge their interest in the (arguably) most popular actor of the year. There’s always Thor and The Avengers to fall back on (And you get a good deal with fellow dreamboat cast-members, aka. Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth, and pretty much everyone else), but you can show off your newfound Hiddleston filmography knowledge with these selections: Midnight in Paris he struts his stuff (And his American accent) as F. Scott Fitzgerald, or perhaps even some romantic-drama with The Deep Blue Sea, and then there’s even War Horse where he and fellow actor, Bennedict Cumberbatch star as doomed gentry soldiers off to fight in World War I.

The Hollow Crown

But if you really want to impress the Hiddleston fan, you may have to sit through two episodes of BBC’s Henry plays which–on the word of this English major–are excellent adaptations, Hiddleston aside. With lush costumes, scenery, brilliant acting, and a fan-servicey bathing scene — give Henry IV and V a shot if you’ve got the time (And energy) to this tribute to the Bard brilliantly brought to life by Mr. Hiddleston.

Annnnd that’s all there is for this rather fan-girly addition of Food for Thought — you love-birds out there have got approximately… four days to queue up a few films with these hunks; it will certainly make your significant other squee. And if they’re not into guys, don’t worry — tune in next time for another addition where we cook up a list of some amazing actresses and their excellent contributions to cinema history that will (hopefully) make for a romantic V-day evening!

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A would-be anthropologist, writer, food historian, and professional glutton hoping to combine fandom with her love of food. Ever wondered what a nug tasted like? Is butterbeer alcoholic? If you've asked such questions and are already drooling at the thought of a big old plate of lembas bread, then you're in the right place


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