Mecha Monday: Your Mecha Valentines

Hello everyone, welcome back to another Mecha Monday! We’re just a few days away from Valentine’s Day, and though I know most of you will prefer to spend it traditionally, today’s the best time to look to our inner Ryuseis and marvel the mecha themselves. There’s a mech for all your needs, so there’s no need to spend your Mechalentine all alone. Please enjoy this very special occasion, hopefully you’ll get giant, oversized candy that could level a house or two from your secret robot admirer.

mecha valentine


Venus Mazinger

A classic beauty, you can’t go wrong with Venus. She’s very well-rounded, and can quite easily fit into any guy’s dream list, though I suppose you wouldn’t like her if you weren’t into older robots. That being said, if you can get past that hurdle (really, why is it a hurdle at all?), then you’ll find a winner here.



The other classic Valentine, though in a different manner from the last, as it was perhaps the first beauty Ryusei laid his eyes on. If you can’t get over robots looking like… well, robots, the Valsione is a perfectly good entry-level mech. I don’t have much more to say about the Valsione, if it’s not love at first sight for you, you should probably go work on your inner Ryusei.



The angel of love, Angelg is the cupid of mechs. Piloted by the lovely Lamia Loveless, Angelg will overwhelm your senses. Getting pierced in the heart with her arrows is like love at first sight. You better act fast though, as Angelg doesn’t appreciate indecisive guys. You’ll find yourself wishing for another Phantom Phoenix after she becomes Vysaga or Ash Saver.




For those of you who like their mechs on the cute side, this one will certainly do it for you. Though it certainly packs a punch with its myriad beam weaponry, its precision targeting along with its teeny tiny bit systems will certainly give you several heart attacks. Coupled with a touch of magic, and Zebulun will certainly win you over with its moe appeal.



I know I talked about how cute Zebulun was, but holy crap, you can’t beat the Beargguy. It’s like a mecha teddy bear, the type you’d just want to hug endlessly. While it doesn’t spot the most unique armament, it does have a very large backpack, which makes it perfectly big enough to carry bento boxes from your girlfriend so you can eat lunch on the school roof, or something. (Admittedly, I’m not sure how a teddy bear is supposed to be your Valentine, but eh).



Like the previous two, Fairlion is of the cute variety. This time, you get two of them. Perfect for those of you who fantasize over twins out there. With their mesmerizing dances, you’ll experience the highly visceral feeling of having all your barriers pierced, all the while standing in the spotlight the entire time.

Dahlia of Wednesday:

Dahlia of Wednesday

A rather sexy mech, and a dancer, too, though of a more… mature nature. Dahlia is like the place where you take your best friend for his 21st, not the place you go on a random Friday night after work. Scoff all you want, pure-enthusiasts, some guys need some more mature loving too, and Dahlia of Wednesday aims to please.

Lancelot Frontier:

Lancelot Frontier

While the Lancelot Frontier may seem a little plain after all the entries on this list, there’s nothing wrong with a little plain. In fact, in a series that tends toward the outlandish and unrealistic, plain stands out a whole lot more. However, I guess with the Frontier, you’ll never die. Your unit might get scrapped beyond repair, but with the handy cockpit eject function, you’ll certainly survive. What a sacrificing partner, huh?



Perhaps the most tranquil mech on this list, sticking with Memna will ensure you have a very peaceful life together. If you’re the type of guy who prefers an uneventful life, there’s no better choice than Memna. Just hope no teenagers with delusions of grandeur try to ruin that life of yours!

And for the ladies, there’s Tauburn:


With a mech so dashing, so gallant, so utterly fabulous (and galactic) as Taubaun, you really need no other Valentine.

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A mad scientist who's so cool!


A mad scientist who's so cool!

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  1. What about the female Tengen toppa robots? Ni'as and Yoko's tengen toppas are kinda sexier.

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