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The most horrible holiday of the year has come and gone. Any lucky gents out there receive lots of chocolate? If you were like me and have no one to return to favor to on White Day, maybe it’s in the voice. Everyone likes a nice voice, add a bit of public speaking skills and you’re golden. Since yours truly cannot assist in “being cool”, I can say a thing or two about “sounding cool” as someone who follows the voice acting scene.  Here are a few actors I think have the voices that make all the prospective dates swoon.

English VA’s


3. Johnny Yong Bosch – When he’s not playing in his band, Eyeshine, Johnny Yong Bosch is the voice you can’t forget. He can sound young or kind in cases like when he voices Vash or younger roles, and he can get refined and serious like Lelouch vi Britannia. It helps that Bosch can even yell with style from all his Power Rangers and martial arts experience. With so much versatility and many tricks up his sleeve to create a very attractive overtone to it all, JYB takes a spot in the top three.


Troy Baker

2. Troy Baker – Is it me or does being in a band really help cultivate one’s voice? Troy Baker has very manly tones but he’s not overbearing. His voice has just the right amount of gruffness tempered by a laid-back accent. Easygoing and confident, qualities like those are embodied in many of Baker’s roles like his performance as Yuri Lowell. Of course, going all-the-way alpha male is certainly in Baker’s system with roles like Kanji Tatsumi. Baker’s voice has the right amount of edge and depth, he has all the marks of Señor Cool Guy and then some, putting him in spot number two.


Crispin Freeman

1. Crispin Freeman – That not so British but just as suave distinctness gives Crispin Freeman his unique style. Freeman has a very mature and clear voice that makes for great narration, especially when you hear him read stories aloud. Snarking about a la Kyon wouldn’t be the same without that straightforwardness in Freeman’s voice. A real veteran of the English voice acting scene who when it comes to roles like Alucard, can make wild and crazy, wild and crazy in a different way if you catch my drift. What is so signature to Crispin Freeman is his refined and intelligent tone, and that gets him the top for “attractive English voice”.


Japanese VA’s

Ono Daisuke

3. Daisuke Ono – You know you’re a real fetch if you host popular radio talk show with Hiroshi Kamiya. Daisuke Ono has a certain friendliness tapped into his smooth voice. There’s a very good balance that strikes many midpoints, usually towards more mature sounding roles that’s in Ono’s voice, so he can go in very fancy directions like Sebastian Michaelis or  full manly like Jotaro Kujo. Even silver talking hedgehogs are up Ono Daisuke’s alley, giving him a rank not just in this list of attractive sounding voices, but my personal top list.

Tomokazu Sugita

2. Tomokazu Sugita – Another really soothing voice. The thing to Sugita is his take towards deeper roles, like that one announcer who doesn’t try to rally a crowd but charm it over with a fullness and stern aura. Ragna the Bloodedge is a fantastic example of Sugita playing it straight to his strengths. Though a voice like Sugita’s is one that you can put him in zany situations to make them infinitely funnier, just look at Gintoki. Whatever the nature of the character, you can tell Tomokazu Sugita can slip right in with what he has, no doubts.

Wakamoto Norio

1. Norio Wakamoto – This needs no explanation. Wakamoto’s voice has a commanding authority in his performances that will make any listener beg to have his babies, regardless of gender. Mechazawa said so.


And that’s my little bit on attractive sounding voice actors, join me next time when I discuss philosophical insights written by Soldier A.

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The Inverseman is an evil overlord from an alternate dimension representing humanity's anti-existence who wound up becoming a modest civil servant.


The Inverseman is an evil overlord from an alternate dimension representing humanity's anti-existence who wound up becoming a modest civil servant.

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