Tuesday Tunes Episode 2: The Best of Kirby

Welcome one and all to to the second episode of Tuesday Tunes, MoarPowah’s video game music celebration podcast. This week, Kirby gets the well-earned spotlight.

Renowned for their charm and relaxed play style, Kirby games are some of the best games made for younger audiences. But that doesn’t mean they have little value for adults too. The music, specifically, is catchy as all hell and perfectly suits the cheerful nature of Dreamland. So today I invite you to join me for a short audio journey into that magical realm.

Kirby - TRAVIS - 2

Creator notes: as I’m just starting out, I’m well aware of the low mic quality. I’m just a college student and don’t have the means to invest in a high-end mic just yet, but you should get used to the tinny sound of my voice soon enough in the audio track. Also, I forgot to mention in the recording that the Legendary Machine track is the Super Smash Bros Brawl version, so don’t bother commenting to let me know (thanks!).

Most of the songs came from this collection, which I highly recommend to anyone who experienced these games in childhood.

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  1. Many thanks for the tunes and yes, SoundCloud is excellent for sharing.

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