Sanity’s Other Side: PS4 More Years

And it will cost seven-hundred ninety-nine U.S dollars.

PS4 showcase

Well, the PS4 has finally been revealed, and boy did Sony have surprises in store. Streaming, sharing, and so much more. What could be buried within? What still has yet to be seen? Tonight, the Inverseman will divulge his thoughts on the PS4 and where things could be heading.

ps4 pad

Immediately on the new snazzy Dualshock 4, we see the peculiar “share” button. Sounds like Facebook eh? Social networking is a big focus on the PS4, but not as a “social game” as usually pitched on cell phones. With the PS4, players can share gameplay videos, a new PS Eye,  and cross game chat. It’s like a “Let’s Play” for everyone. And if you’re really in a fix, you can use remote access to have a friend take over a part of a game for you too.

Killzone sc

Sadly, the system will not be backwards compatible, and possibly old PS3 titles will be available on the cloud. However, if you’re still an old goat like me, skeptical of digital download, what happens to my physical media PS3 library? At any rate, the network will be a large part of the PS4, downloading and patching in the background and the decision to stream games. A “PS Application” for the mobile phone can link-in other players or “extend the game” for more possibilities. While I am unsure of offline capabilities  more technically ambitious games can be put forth via the streaming model.


PS4 remote play

Outside of communicating with the network and other PS4s, the Vita is going to be pushed as a companion device to the PS4 for much needed life. While the Wii U had local remote streaming to the gamepad, the PS4 would supposedly stream games over Wi-Fi to one’s PS Vita. In a way, Sony has one-upped the Wii U at its own game for the time being. This is a case of learning from one’s mistakes. After all, who could forget the PS3’s wonderful unveiling?

Knack sc

At the sum of the parts, I think this is the next stage for consoles. After making marks about the “death of console gaming/gaming as a whole” eons ago, I must say that Sony’s ambitious plans seek to differentiate the console from other outlets of gaming via the “share” button. By fully integrating multiple devices and the convenience of Vita remote play, there’s one advantage over taking a laptop and gaming mouse to go. Implementing a system-wide way to link others into the game in real time is far more convenient than mashing ALT+TAB repeatedly or not being able to patch in players playing a completely different game. Then there’s the ability to record, stream, and remotely access other’s games. Technical setup usually kept the “let’s play” from the masses, until now. Now we have players talking about games, sharing them, sometimes literally, and making tangible communications around them without technical limitations or a call for a setup bogging them down. In a way, it’s community made more accessible, which Sony is going to have to make good of, and I’d say I’m decently hyped for more details. Subscriptions may be needed, and there will be limits, but lots of good ideas were shown. Now to wait for Microsoft with baited breath. Join me next time when I showcase “Puppet Pals the Movie”

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The Inverseman is an evil overlord from an alternate dimension representing humanity's anti-existence who wound up becoming a modest civil servant.


The Inverseman is an evil overlord from an alternate dimension representing humanity's anti-existence who wound up becoming a modest civil servant.

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