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Hey everyone! Silverwolf here with another exciting edition of “Give It a Shot!” the column where the Moar Powah writers tell you about lesser known things worth checking out! Today I’m here to talk about a fellow comic reviewer and host of the self-titled Youtube series “The Comic Book Girl 19 Show.”

As a comic reviewer myself, it’s rare that I look for opinions on comics by other people. Often, I’m going to buy an issue whether someone says it good or not. Occasionally, however, I look for information about lesser known independent comics, and such a search is what caused me to stumble upon Comic Book Girl 19’s Youtube channel.

Comic Book Girl 19’s web series started roughly a year ago and releases a new episode about once a week. Despite her title, she also talks about movies, TV shows, and other aspects of pop culture. Her focus still skews towards comics, but her best quality is the way she casually talks with the viewers. Her episodes do not feel like straight reviews and instead seem like a conversation between she and her viewers. She’s also addressed a number of comic series I’ve either never heard of or only know about tangentially, making her series a great way to find out about quality lesser-known series like Orc Stain and Glory.

My personal favorite part of the show is Comic Book Girl 19’s co-host, the aptly named Robot. He acts as a foil, addressing concerns that some audience members may have, allowing his co-host to answer cynical questions before they’re posed. Best of all, Robot sometimes waxes lyrical about terrible 90s comics, discussing how “amazing” and “badass” they are; these are definitely the funniest moments when they crop up, but they’re not overdone.

Whether a seasoned comic veteran or someone with no knowledge of pop culture, you owe it to yourself to give her videos a look. I think her episodes about Flex Mentallo (which you can watch below) are her best. Furthermore, she has episodes detailing how to get into comics for the uninitiated. All in all, if you’re looking for a fun video series check out Comic Book Girl 19!

Note: Her videos do contain some foul language, so don’t show episodes to people under the age of 14.

Click her to go to her Youtube Channel

Flex Mentallo Part 1:

Flex Mentallo Part 2:

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  1. Flex Mentallo…for a few seconds, I read it as Flex Kavana. Anyway, thanks for the recommendation dood. Hey, her initial appeal is being a female otaku. Yes, I'm one of those people who takes female otakus seriously due to how rare they are (Those who know what they're talking about to be exact.)

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