Mar 312013

Hey folks and welcome to another edition of Food for Thought! Today we’re going to have a brief discussion on a literary device that may, or may not, help you out on your next big English paper. The Bildungsroman–AKA the “coming-of-age-story”–is a time-honored tradition that can be traced in literary history from myths, to epics, and to even modern novels that populate the average English class reading list. The Bildungsroman is also found in many of our favorite anime, films, video games, etc — because of its timeless and nearly universal plot structure. These stories feature a child (Or child-metaphor) taking a journey towards becoming an adult, with a focus on the psychological or moral growth of this child-like protagonist. Character development is integral to the success of the Bildungsroman, with the protagonist’s journey towards becoming a proper adult standing in as  a metaphor for becoming a better person.

“Growing up sucks” is the theme of the reverse Bildungsroman, with a bitter-sweet end and hard lessons for our protagonist

But you know what, as much as we love when things work for our heroes, for them to successfully leave behind childhood and accept the “greatness” of adulthood… We also love it when their plans fail miserably, when the Bildungsroman is actually a recipe for disaster and instead of the triumphant growth of a character, we instead are privy to their failings and the ultimate realization that growing up actually sucks.

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Mar 302013

Today, I Starshine will be taking a look at the “Top 10 WTF Moments in Movies.” Keep in mind, I can only draw these moments from films I have actually seen, so if your favorite isn’t here, please tell us your picks in the comments. Also I won’t be drawing from films that are supposed to be experimental, abstract, inane, or absurdly comedic, or that attempt to present hallucinations or manifestations of mental illness or intoxication, because then the true nature of the strangeness is on purpose and therefore less shocking. Or rather, if it’s already trying to be weird then it’s not a WTF moment.

Let’s not waste anytime and get right to it.

Picard WTF reaction

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Mar 302013

It’s “The Minority Report” but animated! 

Psycho-Pass title card

Phew, it seems this season’s hit, Psycho-Pass has come to an end and boy do I have stuff to say about it since I have a soft-spot for this type of science fiction. Tonight, I, the Inverseman will be reviewing this anime with FULL SPOILERS. So you may want to skip down to the pro-con chart. I will also mark off the spoiler sections.

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Mar 292013

Welcome to the third installment of The Retrospective, where I, an internet nobody, plays and evaluates games from the past that I just happened to miss out on at the height of their popularities. In the greatest of all my convenient coincidences, I just happened to pick and play Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty mere days before the official reveal of MGS V: The Phantom Pain (no big surprise there, of course, but damn what a good trailer).

So yes, before this past week, I had never touched a Metal Gear game. Truth be told, the only reason I chose the game was because the recent release Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance caught my attention thanks to its affiliation to Platinum Games (a developer I adore for its spectacular Vanquish), and I wanted to familiarize myself with Raiden. Well I’ve since finished the experience and have some choice words for what proceeded to astound, conflict, and deeply affect me. Let’s dive into it.

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Mar 282013


Transformers was a big part of my childhood, thanks to an older brother who owned many of the classic toys and VHS tapes, as well as the Beast Wars television series. My reaction in recent years to Transformers, however, was decidedly lukewarm: I saw the first and third Michael Bay movies which I didn’t hate, but didn’t love either. Luckily, IDW Publishing released some great Transformers comics, and I was lucky enough to get my hands on Transformers: Infiltration, the beginning of the well-regarded IDW-verse of Transformers comics. What did I think of this trade paperback?

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Mar 272013

Oh, horror movies. Sometimes you are ridiculously stupid and completely not scary, and you make me wonder why I have decided to even spend time and money on you. Then sometimes you make amazing films that make me wonder if I’ll ever be able to sleep again and why the horror industry as a whole isn’t doing better. And then you make perfectly okay films which I neither love nor hate, which gives me a few scares but nothing major, and overall while I enjoyed it, I probably won’t be rewatching it. This week’s film falls squarely into that third category.

Let’s take a look at Sinister.

sinister poster

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