Tuesday Tunes Episode 4: Super Smash Bros.

If there’s one compilation fighter to beat them all, it’s Super Smash Bros. Renowned for both celebrating a wide spectrum of Nintendo franchises and having some the tightest controls around, the series has always thrived with a heavily nostalgic player base. In addition to characters and stages, music has been a profound tool of adoration in the series, and some of the remixes found playing behind classic stages manage to impress. Here are some of my favorites.

Smash Bros  - Travis - 1

As always, neither I or Moarpowah.com assumes any ownership of the songs played. The podcast will be edited/removed on request of the true owners.

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  1. You should have these as downloadable tunes! I would love to take the fountain of dreams stage remix! xD

    You seriously should post them up separately on youtube, for I would love to download the tunes 🙂

    • Good news! Youtube is a magical place where pretty much every game soundtrack has been uploaded a hundred times over, so it's not too hard to find already. I also recommend torrenting the brawl soundtrack if you can, it's quite nice to have all the tracks from both melee and brawl in one convenient package.

  2. So you actually have a pretty cool DJ voice; if you managed to hijack the school's radio and just played video game OSTs the world would be a better place just saying. I don't think you were around when the old smooth jazz station was around NYC but you sound just like one of the old hosts haha

  3. DJ Terrormisu tearing it up with Smash Bros music goodness. My personal favs being:

    Melee Temple.
    N64 Master Hand
    100-man Survival
    Warioware Inc.
    Ridley theme
    Rainbow Cruise
    Brinstar Depths
    Final Destination Brawl
    Fountain of Dreams

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