Apr 012013

Now this is the pinnacle of art!

SAO 16.5 bed

*Chapter 16.5 of Sword Art Online is NSFW. If you search it up, then read it with this in mind.

‘Evening ladies and gentlemen! The Inverseman here with a super special review tonight! I will be reviewing the beautiful 16.5 chapter of the critically acclaimed Sword Art Online series. The secret chapter that was not put in the publication. Well, let’s dig in.

This was the removed chapter that investigates the intimate relationship between Kirito and Asuna. Even though the two have their minds trapped in SAO and even though they are separated by distance, the passion of the love seeps through. How symbolic!

SAO 16.5 Kirito's moment

The descriptions of the intimacy are simply sublime. I can’t get over how Kirito goes into delightful detail about how SAO has sensations pre-programmed in the game or how the only hair you can see rendered by the graphics engine is either on the head or face. Read for yourself.

” The tactile senses in SAO are, just like the sense of taste, pre-programmed and activated in accordance to the situation. When you consider this, then the only conclusion that one can draw is that the “feeling of a deep kiss” must have been programmed in. (Well, it’s not like I’ve ever really experienced that in real life, but…) An indescribably bewitching feeling assaulted my nerves.”

SAO 16.5 Asuna in options

Mmms and ahs characterize Asuna’s deep responses to Kirito’s call. How she’s being sucked out of herself into the whirlpool of her beloved makes me almost want to cry. The multitude of meaningful dialogue capitalized by the use of ellipses points testifies to a uniquely minimalist approach of Kawahara’s to writing.

“Ahh… That can’t…can’t…”

 I haven’t seen dialogue this powerful since Twilight or 50 Shades of Gray.

While in the middle of their  moment, Kirito contemplates the meaning of the developers’ choices to render the human body completely and such a philosophical discourse only contributes to the meaningfulness of this scene and how the publishers should have included it in the printing. Finally, at the perfect moment, Asuna’s beautiful convulsions of lifelessness finish out this masterpiece. I, the Inverseman, give full marks to this sensual chapter. Kawahara has really stepped up his game. It’s even better than Accel World, if that was even possible!  A true 5/5 would read again!


– Amazing descriptions and fiery sensual passion

– Truly meaningful addition to the story, much more on the inside

– Asks truly artistic questions


– The anime adaptation does a good job but only scratches the surface



Join me next time for a non April Fool’s Day article.

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