Sanity’s Other Side: “Mewthree” Revealed

If you read this article 100 times and then talk to Professor Oak, you’ll unlock the REAL way to get Mew!

Last week there was an announcement from Game Freak that they would reveal a new 6th generation Pokemon. We’ve already been treated to the starters, the mascot legends, and Sylveon the newest Eevee evolution, but today Game Freak revealed a shocking Pokemon. An as yet unnamed Pokemon that bears a high resemblance to Mewtwo, who for simplicity’s sake I’ll call Mewthree. What could be in store for us?

First of all, the features of Mewthree are as telling as ever, but his relationship to Mewtwo is yet unknown. Of the possible ideas, one is that he could be a Forme Change to Mewtwo, some kind of item in Pokemon X/Y or method is needed to unleash this new facet of the Mewtwo we all love. Another idea is that this could be an entirely new Pokemon, and by extension, could Team Rocket be involved again? Perhaps they moved on to conquer the Pokemon world’s version of France?


From what we do know of the Pokemon, he has an expansive movepool, using the diverse attacks Mewtwo can learn like Blizzard, Focus Blast, Energy Ball, Shadow Ball, Psycho Cut, and the signature Psystrike. Mewthree will likely be as terrifying as his regular Forme, possibly becoming even more adept at Special Attack or possibly Special Defense. On the aesthetic end, Mewthree’s physique has undergone a big overhaul. Whereas Mewtwo is tall and menacing, Mewthree is more petite and kid-like. The strange second neck Mewtwo had has become a band near the head, the muscular human-like structure has been eschewed for a more feline body, the tail has moved up to the head like hair, and the ball fingers and toes have become more finger or paw like. This Pokemon looks closer to the Mew he was supposed to be a clone of rather than the super-soldier Giovanni wanted to design.


In hindsight, Game Freak has brewed the perfect storm. Whereas many former Pokemon players and fans dropped right after Red and Green (like how Pokemon got ruined forever), Mewtwo is a signature Pokemon, without a shadow of a doubt that won’t be forgotten. Slowly Game Freak has been putting more Mewtwo in their publicity. First, Mewtwo was distributed to players over Wi-Fi, an innocent move likely to reinvigorate people by putting an older Pokemon at the forefront. Mewtwo in the Pokemon TCG was featured heavily in the return of the EX cards, but Mewtwo traditionally was strong in the card game. The newest movie has Genesect squaring off against Mewtwo, where he will “awaken” to this new forme/Pokemon of course, and this is where things started coming together.  If Game Freak wanted to drum up hype over the new games, bringing Mewtwo back into the spotlight was a solid move. By getting people thinking about Mewtwo, a Pokemon that needs no introduction, Game Freak has created a subliminal hype sundae, and Mewthree is the radical cherry on top.

wild mew attacks

But there is one secret ingredient to this recipe for success. Legions of gamers remember all the Mewthree myths that circulated on the playground, an even stronger Pokemon Mewtwo could become that was more perfect than this super-clone. Mewthree, before his creation was alrady an urban legend. Game Freak not only capitalized on their own pushes for Mewtwo and recognized his popularity with fans, a no-brainer, they also made full use of the players’ mythos and machinations. From the old urban legends about Mewthree, Game Feak effectively gave every twelve-year-old from 1996 what he or she really wanted. The element of mystery and surprise was used to its fullest for some grade “A” fanservice. All in all, Game Freak really knows what they’re doing with the onset of generation six, and I look forward to adding a “Mewthree” to my complete Pokedex. Join me next time, when I lure cats hiding underneath trucks.

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The Inverseman is an evil overlord from an alternate dimension representing humanity's anti-existence who wound up becoming a modest civil servant.


The Inverseman is an evil overlord from an alternate dimension representing humanity's anti-existence who wound up becoming a modest civil servant.

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