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Samurai Jack

Back in the early 2000s, one show topped all others in my adolescent eyes: Samurai Jack. For those that aren’t familiar, the show focuses on the titular samurai who is flung into the future by the evil demon Aku. Arriving in a new time period, Jack sees a world that has fallen under the sway of Aku and fights to return to his own time and prevent these horrors from occurring.

Whether you’ve seen Samurai Jack or have never heard of it, you owe it to yourself to revisit this amazing series. The art and animation are gorgeous, dare I say revolutionary. The style involves figures without outlines, giving a unique appearance to this series. Furthermore, Samurai Jack is a series all ages can enjoy: it’s got exciting action, but nothing overly gory, and some clever humor that will adults and kids chuckle together.


I’ve recently gotten my hands on DVDs of all four seasons of the series, and rewatching some episodes rekindled the glee of the first time watching them. The episodes “Jack vs. Ninja” and “Jack and the ultra-robots” are definitely my two favorites. You owe it to yourself to go look up some episodes of Samurai Jack!

Girls With Slingshots

Some stories are told in epic fanfare, in bright shiny colors and stunningly crisp animation, and that will live in infamy in our minds, settled inbetween the spectacles of firework shows and three ring circuses. But some stories aren’t epics, and they aren’t going to be nestled lovingly in those same places. Some tales are about love, friendship, getting plastered, and finding your place in this topsytury Mexican-cactus world. That’s the subtle beauty of webcomic Girls With Slingshots. While this 5-day-a-week, fully-colored updating comic by Danielle Corsetto is filled with humor, strange side characters, and misunderstandings galore, there’s more to it than that.


The comic details the lives of several friends, each with their own personal struggles, relationships, and families. Some of the many issues the comic has dealt with is dating, coming out, non-traditional relationships and how they work, breakups, BDSM relationships, deaf culture, withdrawal, terrible jobs, and disapproving families. All while remaining funny and lighthearted at its very core, Girls With Slingshots knows how to create a fulfilling and interesting narrative, shaped by realistic, yet ever so off kilter, characters. It’s a great read, and I encourage you to check it out!

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  1. Let's see, one of Genndy Tartakovsky's unfinished symphonies, along with Sym Bionic Titan and a comic dealing with serious issues while being amusing at the same time. since I've already seen both cartoons and still furious at CN execs for cancelling both shows and continue to make me suffer by not scrapping The Amazing Adventures of Gumball, I'll simply check out Girls with Slingshots.

    Oh well, at least Adventure Time and Regular Show are amusing and have enough depth to refrain from getting stale…IMO.

    Seriously, damn both the kiddies and CN execs for scrapping Young Justice, Green Lantern, Thundercats 2011 and the two shows I mentioned above. Terrible time slots, lack of interest from younger viewers…I dunno. Maybe I'm just grouchy.

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