Infinite Stratos Season 2 Announced

Ever popular mecha harem anime Infinite Stratos is getting a second season. Yesterday’s IS All-Night Festival event confirmed the news. You can watch a promotional video below:

Despite saying RE:BOOT in the video, its is not a reboot, as some sources have erroneously claimed. It is in fact the light novels that are getting a reboot, with longtime artist okiura leaving after volume 7 and CHOCO replacing him starting in volume 8, which releases later this week.

Otherwise, most of the voice cast will be returning. The video also introduces the students Takenashi and Kanzashi Sarashiki. Yasuhito Kikuchi is once again directing at 8-bit, but Kumi Horii is now handling the changed character designs instead of Tomoyasu Kurashima. CHOCO will be handling the mechanical designs, and Hikaru Nanase is back to score the music. 

As generic a harem show this may be, I’m excited. There can never be enough Charlotte.

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