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Note: This discussion includes spoilers for the film Iron Man 3. Also be sure to check out Starshine’s review of the movie.

Silverwolf: Hello everyone and welcome to another edition of Objection! This time, Judge and I are discussing our opinions on Marvel’s latest film, Iron Man 3. I personally thought it was a solid film, not the best Marvel movie but definitely in the Top 3.

Judge: Hey there, it’s the recluse editor-in-chief Judge here, filling the other side of the debate. While I thought the movie was good, there were a few things that prevented me from placing it in the Top 3, like Silverwolf suggests.

Silverwolf: What were some of the problems you had with the film?

Judge: Well, the first one (and I think the biggest one) is the Mandarin “twist.”  While I thought Ben Kingsley’s performance was very good in terms of overall acting, they built up the Mandarin as some badass in their marketing, and then we find out he’s nothing but a persona created by Aldrich Killian. I have nothing against twists. Or changing aspects of characters since this is after all an adaptation. See Bane or Mickey Rourke’s character in Iron Man 2 (a fusion of two different villains). However, this was just downright…comical, no pun intended. My heart kinda died when I was watched this part in the theaters.

Silverwolf: This twist is actually a huge point of contention among the majority of people who have seen the movie thus far. Personally, I liked it. From all the promotional material, I always expected we’d see a confrontation between Kingsley and Robert Downey Jr. The fact that someone else ended up being the major villain surprised me, and I enjoyed that it was something unexpected.

"You'll never see it coming" is a very apt description for what happens with this character.

“You’ll never see it coming” is a very apt description for what happens with this character.

Judge:  Actually, I take that part about Bane being a good adaptation back. I hated it (see our The Dark Knight Rises objection). Like the Mandarin in this case, both were reduced to mere cronies by the end or near end of the movies. I should clarify I liked the fight scenes with Bane; maybe if the Mandarin had a battle with Iron Man, and he was an actual crony rather than an actor I would have been better with it. Just one confrontation for god’s sake! I know people want this whole “realism” thing nowadays. But we already had aliens in the Avengers. Dr. Strange is confirmed for phase 3. Just give the Mandarin his awesome magical rings man. Or save him for another movie.

Silverwolf: That’s true. I DID want to see the rings do something. On that point I agree. What other issues did you have with the film?

Judge: I felt James Rhodes (Don Cheadle) was vastly underused.I asked myself numerous times, “Where’s Rhodey?” I felt he wasn’t that big of a deal. I know he’s the sidekick, but he hardly got any development. He wasn’t even part of the final battle. Ditto for Maya Hansen. We see her for maybe 15 minutes? Then she dies.

Silverwolf: I can understand that complaint, but I didn’t mind. One of my issues with Iron Man 2 was that we didn’t see enough of Tony. This film was very much about Tony finding himself, figuring out who he is, etc. I liked that he was a singular focus, and didn’t mind if others took a back seat.

Judge: Yes, this movie really did shine in terms of developing the main character. We got to see more Tony Stark the man, his feelings, his worries. This was a home run in that department. I don’t know, I just feel we haven’t seen enough Rhodes in all 3 movies combined. I feel as if the Falcon in Cap America 2 will get more characterization than Rhodes in only one film.

We need moar Rhodey in the future

We need moar Rhodey in the future

Silverwolf: I suppose that’s true, but for me I feel like Rhodes is just there as support when Tony needs friendly advice. Was there anything else about the film you disliked?

Judge: I felt the movie was a little longer than it needed to be. So some slight pacing issues. I found some parts were added strictly for comedy. The comedy, by the way, was outstanding. But maybe there was a bit too much.

Silverwolf: I can understand that complaint. There were a few moments that dragged on too long, but at the same time the ending felt a little rushed to me. I agree that the comedy was spot on, especially the scenes between Tony and the kid he met in that small Kentucky town.

Judge: That was also one of the highlights of the film. Harley was the boy’s name. And it was in Tennessee. Their interactions were priceless, and it was also used to develop Tony.

Silverwolf: Geography has never been my strong point (laughs)! Any other concluding thoughts on the film?

Judge: Not really. I really liked the characterization and development of Tony Stark. My only complaints were some of the other characters and some pacing issues. Tighten those areas up, you have a Top 3 film for sure. For now, it’s better than 2 (7), not as good as 1 (9), and sits outside the Top 3 (Iron Man, Cap America, Avengers in that order for me). Hopefully Robert Downey Jr. will suit up for more Iron Man films in the future.

Silverwolf: Yeah, he definitely has to come back for Avengers 2, and maybe beyond that if he’s willing. Personally, this movie is #3 for me, right below Captain America and The Avengers (in that order).

Judge:  Yes, well we’ll just have to wait to see what the future holds. That’s it for this edition of “Objection!” As always, sound off in the comments to let your opinion be heard. Until next time people!

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